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2ifxqhirm2suhqqyektxrkncegs 1x1 – Saubere Geschäfte

A Clean Business : The body of Dr. Bernd Feser is found in a gas station car wash after he is shot through the front windshield.

Eqdokz66lcqbmrgofjjm6sn12l8 1x2 – Ein dienstbarer Geist

A Subservient Ghost: A jogger finds the body of a woman hanging in the park.

Phtwlb9so7kicu0kwanqgr2xra8 1x3 – Kalte Fische

Belly Up : Fish farmer Stefan Malchow finds every single trout in his fish pond is dead, moments later so is he.

3zdcj6ggvyjyrlgqlc5htyyetpm 1x4 – Falsches Spiel

Foul Play : When Potsdam's youth league soccer coach is found dead in the locker room. Sophie and Luna must investigate the competitive world of women's soccer.

Dqndiyqrnbfqllkskxwkm6jvlsg 1x5 – Ein schwerer Fehler

A Grave Mistake : Luna and Sophie investigate the murder of a fertility specialist Dr. Deusser and the difficult situation faced by childless couples.

Qtmjohwqepcrtgifefybux2t7cz 1x6 – Das Geständnis

The Confession : Kiosk owner Till Drake is shot during an armed robbery, but it looks as though nothing was stolen.

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