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Oac0fnwnbyrjsfmhgvh8dv0xlj0 1x1 – Episode #1.1

Haunted by the death of a witness under his protection, when former policeman Robert moves to the Lake District, he is given a chance to redeem himself by safeguarding a family under threat.

1b6xcgswbrrstyilogdgqn7wtvi 1x2 – Episode #1.2

The police have a possible connection between Sam Blackwell and known criminal Michael Collersdale. Robert explores the current theory, determined to get to the truth.

4gydot3ydmkayz8ea3nnsyzrrfb 1x3 – Episode #1.3

Ali receives devastating news and Robert has some difficult questions for her. Ali then takes an impulsive decision and Katy questions Robert's methods.

6siqnjnv1zzyk26b18opu8ltdop 1x4 – Episode #1.4

The investigation into Michael Collersdale takes an unexpected turn. Robert has some worrying news for David and Ali. Sam and Joe are caught up in a terrifying ordeal.

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