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1x1 – Willkommen auf Rügen

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1x2 – Brüder und Söhne

Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot.

1x3 – Der Prozess

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1x4 – Unter Campern

Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot.

1x5 – Der einsame Schwimmer

Nora faces a difficult decision: should she buy the Rügen practice and continue Richard's life's work without him? This is not an easy decision for the doctor, who not only lacks a decorative doctorate, but also lacks the necessary capital and the required license. She receives unexpected support from Richard's uncle, the long-time Rügen doctor Dr. Gunsche, who came from his old home in distant Sochi. Although he already has extremely lucrative offers, he encourages Nora to take over. Until then, the pensioner wants to help out in his previous practice and set the ...

1x6 – Auf zu neuen Ufern

Nora Kaminski is actually used to multitasking. By taking over the Rügen practice, even the stress-tested doctor reaches her limits: She has to set up the financing, take care of the patients on her own and even represent the fired medical assistant. Nora would like to bring her former colleague Mandy back, but she now has new plans. The search for a new partner for the practice is also more difficult than expected. Richard's shadow, which Nora sorely misses as a friend and partner, hovers over everything. There are applications, but nobody fits Nora and the practice....

1x7 – Alte Freunde

Routine examination of a patient reveals worrying health values. Dr. Stresow has chickenpox and leaves Nora alone with all patients.

1x8 – Sehnsucht

Nora's son is involved in a driver-fleeing accident.

1x9 – Familienbande

Lawyer Peer wants to open a law firm in Sassnitz to be close to Nora and son Kai. Colleague Dr. Stresow wants to leave the island. Nora herself has to take care of a patient's demented husband.

1x10 – Herzklopfen

No promises, no obligations and meals prepared with love on the yacht - Rügen doctor Nora Kaminski enjoys her "fried potato affair" with ex-husband Peer. The self-confident practice owner does not want to take the risk that the bon vivant could let her sit a second time. Despite the utmost discretion, son Kai knows about his parents' revival. The budding lawyer with top marks struggles with his own relationship problems. His pregnant girlfriend Mandy suddenly pulls the ripcord out of concern that Kai's career might get in the way. But he doesn't give up that easily. A...

1x11 – Vatertag auf Rügen

Nora Kaminski has to take care of an unusual patient intensively - but not in her practice, but as an emergency doctor. The outwardly fit career broker Florian Becker not only goes beyond his physical limits at a team building workshop, but also ignores Nora's medical warning after an almost fatal incident in a paddling competition. When he collapses again the next day, the alarm bells ring for her. The "doctor without a doctorate" soon found the unusual trigger: amateurishly adulterated vodka shower from the campsite. However, poisoning with methyl alcohol does not ...

1x12 – Hart am Wind

Nora Kaminski suffers after the relationship with Peer: diagnosis of lovesickness. Your multitasking as a private person, practice owner and emergency doctor must continue at the usual top speed. After a breakneck crash, she meets the kite surfer Ben Kralmann. In order to get the intensive care patient back on their feet, however, not only their medical skills are required. As Nora finds out, Ben carries several burdens with him. He would have to undergo brain surgery because of an aneurysm. However, his fear of irreparable consequential damage is greater than the ...

1x13 – Mutter und Sohn

Of course, when Nora Kaminski talks about protection, she only means her patients. Despite a craniocerebral trauma after a traffic accident, the Rügen doctor does not stay in the hospital for long. While chief physician Dr. Heckmann seriously cares about his colleague, her son Kai is amazed at how stubborn he is. Nora firmly believes that she is the only one who can help 18-year-old Moritz, who is suffering from leukemia. Unfortunately, his only relative Katja Daskow, who adopted him shortly after birth, is no longer a stem cell donor. In order to win over her ...

1x14 – Was wirklich zählt

Easy Rider, LuckyBird72 and a name she's about to cross out - Nora Kaminski is seeing the first inquiries on her brand new dating profile. The adored single woman is now over her double "ex" Peer. The gentle acquaintance with the boat builder Max, who is charmingly trying to take care of Nora, even feels promising. A total romantic is her young patient Emilia, who is treated by Nora after a small beach accident. The 16-year-old secretly wears her sister Julia's wedding dress and dreams of her own wedding "all in white". However, Emilia wants to keep the fact that ...

1x15 – Schwesterherz

Dass Tanja Wedhorn alias Nora Kaminski dem Multitasking-Modus nicht entkommt, liegt diesmal weder an der "Praxis mit Meerblick" noch an ihrem Zweitjob als Rettungssanitäterin. Die Ärztin ohne Doktortitel muss die Verantwortung für ihr jüngeres "Schwesterherz" übernehmen. In die Rolle von Franziska, die an einer bipolaren Störung leidet, schlüpft Tina Amon Amonsen. Das Drehbuch von Anja Flade-Krause rückt das ebenso komplexe wie selbstgefährdende Krankheitsbild ins Zentrum des 15. Films der Rügen-Reihe, der von Kerstin Ahlrichs ebenso einfühlsam wie unterhaltsam ...

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