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1x1 – Day of the Dino: Part I

Mild-mannered Dr. Tommy Oliver barely escapes the island alive and becomes a high school teacher a couple years later. Among his students are three kids who come from different worlds. Conner is a cocky soccer player who is very popular jock. Ethan is a computer whiz who dreams of being the next Bill Gates. Kira is the lead singer of her band and has plenty of attitude. The three end up getting detention with Dr. Oliver who takes them to a museum. He tells them what he wants them to do to get out of detention while he goes to get information on the museum. They get ...

1x2 – Day of the Dino: Part II

Dr. Oliver explains the significance of the gems to a bewildered Conner and Ethan and takes them along with him to save Kira. Kira finds herself in a lab of sorts and meets a strange reptilian creature who demands the gems. She tells him where they are and is turned over to Elsa and Zeltrax who are ordered to destroy her. Fortunately, she escapes and runs into Ethan, Conner, and Dr. Oliver and battle the Tyrano-drones and Zeltrax. The next day, Zeltrax attacks the city, and the power rangers obtain their zords.

1x3 – Wave Goodbye

Conner decides after missing a great opportunity that he doesn't want to be a power ranger as it will interfere with his goals in life. Meanwhile, Ethan and Dr. Oliver find some experiments from the island that prove to be most useful to the rangers. Conner must decide what's most important to him. Mesagog forms a plan to take care of Dr. Oliver.

1x4 – Legacy of Power

Dr. Oliver is captured and held prisoner in Mesogog's lair, leaving the rangers wondering what to do. The history of the power rangers is revealed to them and they find that they have an ally in an unlikely person.

1x5 – Back in Black

Now that the rangers discovered a way to get to Dr. Oliver, they must hurry and save him. Mesogog threatens to destroy Dr. Oliver if he doesn't assist him to retrieve something he'd found, and Tommy flat out refuses, only further angering Mesogog.

1x6 – Diva in Distress

Pop star Kylee Styles comes to town but not everyone is happy about it. Kira runs into her and is disappointed in her former friend. A conceited Kylee shrugs her off and is met by a monster who steals her youth. The monster runs amok, stealing the youth of Devin and Cassidy as well as countless others. It's Kylee that is affected the most and is ultimately humbled by it thanks in part to Kira.

1x7 – Game On

Ethan is so obsessed with conquering a computer game that he skips training with the other Rangers. Later, Mesogog sends a creature that traps Ethan inside the game! Kira momentarily joins him when she comes looking for him, and when they escape, they unintentionally bring a few other creatures with them.

1x8 – Golden Boy

Zeltrax feels that the best creature to destroy the Rangers can only come from him ; he creates Golden Rod who calls him "father". He immediately goes after Dr. Oliver on Zeltrax's orders. Meanwhile, Anton Mercer buys the Cyber Cafe so that Trent can run it instead of waiting tables, prompting Dr. Oliver and Trent to talk to one of the town council members to stall his plans. Will the rangers be able to succeed in both endeavors when time is against them?

1x9 – Beneath the Surface

Elsa hatches a plan to set up the rangers. She, disguised as Principal Randall, comes along on a field trip with Dr. Oliver's class and pretends to be helpless when the Tyrano-drones come along and create havoc at the dig site. An egg is discovered there and quickly taken to Dr. Oliver's house. As they try to find out more about the egg, Dr. Oliver goes to the site and is intercepted by a very jealous Zeltrax. Meanwhile, to the rangers' horror, a dino zord attacks them as they're trying to battle a monster.

1x10 – Ocean Alert

Tongues wag as the lovely and self-centered TV star Nikki Valentina comes to town to film some episodes for her show. Cassidy is so irked at being shrugged off by Nikki and Devin's adoration for her that she decides to show her up by filming herself doing scenes from the show. Nikki gets the attentions of more than just Ethan and Conner when Zeltrax and Elsa capture her.

1x11 – White Thunder: Part 1

Trent, dissatisfied with his father's attitude about his drawing as well as his explanation for his many secrets witnesses something incredible. Mesogog, meanwhile, is equally dissatisfied with the progress of Elsa and Zeltrax in releasing something from stone. Later that day, Trent finds a silver bracelet with a glowing white stone attached to it. Before he can react, it binds itself to his wrist, and he can't get it off! Elsa releases a monster to find him, which confuses the Rangers who have no knowledge of the new White Ranger till after he dispatches the monster ...

1x12 – White Thunder: Part 2

Trent, trying to make sense of the strange bracelet on his wrist, seems disoriented and isn't himself to say the least. Meanwhile, the Rangers find that there's a large dinozord egg that the White Ranger is obviously intending to use. Ironically, Cassidy, desperate for White Ranger footage, can't seem to stop running into Trent in her pursuit of someone who claims to have what she seeks. Connor and Kira search for the egg before it hatches and find that someone else got to it first. As the Rangers battle for the egg, Mesogog orders Zeltrax and Elsa to find the White ...

1x13 – White Thunder: Part 3

The White Ranger is now more formidable than ever with his own zord that's creating havoc all over town. Things get worse when the White Ranger steals a valuable ally of the Rangers and uses it against them. The Rangers are relieved and amazed when the White Ranger is forced to retreat because of the Black Ranger's quick thinking. Despite their victory, the Rangers are feeling so disheartened, knowing that the war is far from over that they can't get it out of their minds. Devin is delighted when he realizes that his camera was facing the White Ranger as he demorphed....

1x14 – Truth and Consequences

Trent struggles to find himself as he switches back and forth, and he's not the only one searching. Mesogog and the Rangers are desperate to find out who the White Ranger is, although for different reasons. When Trent quits his job, Kira confronts him and is told his secret. She finds herself torn between her loyalty to the others and her yearning to help him. Mesogog captures Trent and reveals what will happen to him in the end. Determined not to let that happen, Trent makes a difficult decision.

1x15 – Leader of the Whack

Trent sets out so that he can't harm anyone when he runs into Cassidy and Devin. A meteor crash lands nearby so they go to investigate and are met by Ethan, Kira, and Conner who are less than happy to see Trent. The meteor has startling effects on the rangers as well as a monster, Cassidy, and Devin that makes them act completely different and shows another side of each of them that none of the rangers even knew existed, especially in themselves.

1x16 – Burning at Both Ends

A monster, Insectolite, blasts Trent, and he seems to have returned to his old self. So much so that Ethan, Kira, and Connor meet up with Trent who makes a peace offering. Too late, Dr. Oliver realizes it's a trap! He's out of control and helpless to do anything. Insectolite shows up to take care of the rangers while the White and Black Rangers battle. The Rangers end up being more than the White Ranger, the Tyranodrones, and the monster combined so they retreat, leaving the Rangers wondering what Trent/the White Ranger will do next. Hayley hatches a plan using ...

1x17 – The Missing Bone

While Dr. Oliver is stuck in ranger-form, he enlists the help of Kira to sort through his lab and throw away stuff he doesn't want. They find a bone that he doesn't want to talk about and locks it away. At the school, Dr. Oliver's position is temporarily filled by a surprising person who takes the students to the dinosaur museum. As the class is walking through the museum, Kira sees a Tyrano-drone and investigates. She is lead to a skull that hypnotizes her into doing whatever it wants, including stealing from a friend to make the creature whole.

1x18 – Bully for Ethan

Derrick, one of the popular jocks, goes after Ethan and wants to fight him when Ethan stands up to him. Ethan doesn't even flinch but can't meet up with him after school due to setback after setback. Zeltrax, meanwhile, is after the black ranger.

1x19 – Lost & Found in Translation

Conner finds Ethan and Kira at their usual hangout enjoying the new satellite cable that Hayley has hooked up and is frustrated with them. His frustration becomes outrage when they watch an episode of a Japanese show that features the power rangers. Some of the similarities are eerie.

1x20 – It's a Mad Mad Mackerel

Kira is ecstatic to be an intern at the television station. However, things are not what they seem and not as fun as she thought. Elsa is inspired by the star of one of the television shows and turns him into a monster that turns people into fish bait. His co-star is trapped and berating everyone, including the power rangers. Now, the power rangers have to figure out how to save both TV stars and keep their identities secret at the same time.

1x21 – Copy That

A monster is released that can copy anything, even the rangers' weapons! Zeltrax is tired of dealing with Trent so he blames him,and Trent is released from the spell that made him evil. Only with help from an unlikely source does he escape, but can the rangers trust him?

1x22 – Triassic Triumph

None of the rangers feel that they can trust Trent after all that he's done. Dr. Oliver takes Trent with him to do something important, much to the chagrin of Conner. As the two retrieve something, Kira, Conner, and Ethan have to go into battle. During the battle, Conner keeps having visions of a dark figure in his head which distracts him. They are defeated and find that they have to combine their powers to win.

1x23 – A Star Is Torn

Kira's excited to get the chance of a lifetime when an agent signs her and wants to help her get her big break! Unfortunately, that involves some major changes for this girl that she's not too thrilled with, and she's not the only one. Meanwhile, troubles arise when the Triassic Power isn't enough. Another unexpected means is required to assist the Rangers as Dr. Oliver and Zeltrax engage in a lethal battle in the skies. Kira follows her heart in a unique way; Ethan meets who may be the girl of his dreams, and it's not who he expects to say the least.

1x24 – A Ranger Exclusive

Cassidy decides that she needs more field work to prove herself as a reporter, and things don't turn out the way she'd like. Meanwhile, Mesogog sends a creature to infect the T.V. channel satellite, manipulating it to send a beam to Jupiter in an effort to return Earth's atmosphere to the way it was during the age of the dinosaurs. Connor must battle the evil White Ranger alone, while the others race against time to find the virus/creature. When the virus turns out to be worse than they thought, it works out to the advantage of Cassidy and tests the power of the Red ...

1x25 – Tutenhawken's Curse

Ethan accidentally awakens Tutenhawken and is cursed with bad luck. Tutenhawken pursues Cassidy and falls in love with her. As Ethan struggles to free himself of the curse, Tutenhawken runs amok and catches the eye of Mesogog who is puzzled but nonetheless intrigued by him and his appetite for destruction.

1x26 – Disappearing Act

A pool of green slime from which Elsa collects a sample, piques Dr. Oliver's curiosity so that he collects some as well to study it. The slime has some unique and powerful properties that make them hesitant to use it to demorph him. The slime demorphs Dr. Oliver in a matter of seconds with a problematic side effect. Meanwhile, Ethan nervously prepares for his date with Cassidy with the help of the other rangers. He gets help with his date, and later in battle when Elsa interrupts, from a friend that shows up unexpectedly.

1x27 – Fighting Spirit

The rangers are ecstatic when Dr. Oliver reveals that there is a way to restore him. He ignores Hayley's warning and is restored and falls into a coma. As the rangers wait anxiously to hear some news of improvement, the Terrorsaurus monster is reborn and attacks the city. They face him, and he steals their powers, leaving them utterly defenseless. Dr. Oliver, still unconscious, dreams that he meets the Red Zeo, White, and Green Rangers who are seemingly determined to destroy him.

1x28 – The Passion of Conner

Conner meets the lovely Krista who is trying to save a tree and is determined to woo her. She, on the other hand, is unimpressed and is almost disgusted by his insincerity. Shocked at being rejected and overwhelmed when Dr. Oliver tells him to believe in himself as a ranger, he reflects on his life and actions and wants to change. Conner is furious when Krista is taken prisoner by Zeltrax when he turns her tree into a monster. He pursues them and has to fight Zeltrax alone and rely on his inner strength to see him through.

1x29 – Isn't It Lava-ly

Elsa discovers that there is a dormant volcano under the city and unearths it with the help of an old friend of Dr. Oliver. The rangers must fight him as a monster which proves to be quite a challenge.

1x30 – Strange Relations

Despite winning a prestigious award for his achievements, Anton Mercer is still haunted by his struggle with Mesogog who is inspired by one of Dr. Mercer's experiments. Meanwhile, the evil White Ranger is literally fighting for survival when he discovers the importance of destroying Trent. Only a face-off between Trent and the White Ranger will fully solve the problem, but who will win? Simultaneously, the Rangers get much more than they bargained for when they are forced to go up against monsters from the past. Unbeknown st to everyone, Elsa is delighted at the ...

1x31 – Thunder Storm: Part 1

Kira meets a cute guy who introduces himself as Blake and invites her to watch him race. Lothor frees himself and casts a spell on the Ninja Storm Wind Rangers to make them evil and to help him imprison the students at their school. Cam is horrified when he realizes what happened and calls up a few old friends. Conner, Ethan, and Kira are stunned at the thought of fighting other rangers and find themselves evenly matched.

1x32 – Thunder Storm: Part 2

Cam hatches a plan to help Shane, Dustin, and Tori, but it won't be easy. Hunter and Blake reluctantly assist him and are almost overwhelmed. The rangers must team up to take on Mesogog and Lothor's armies when they unite against them.

1x33 – In Your Dreams

Mesogog is irritable after a bad night's sleep which inspires Elsa to attack the rangers in their dreams. One by one, unbeknown st to the rangers, they must defeat the monsters in their dreams in order to survive.

1x34 – Drawn into Danger

Trent is discouraged by his father's disdain for his drawings so he keeps them hidden. Trent is overjoyed when the author of his favorite comics comes to town to sign autographs and tells him about the drawings and his father's seeming intense dislike for comics. Elsa sees an opportunity and tricks the author into trapping four of the rangers in a comic book in which they are destroyed, leaving Trent to try to find a way to free them before it's too late.

1x35 – House of Cards

Ethan finds a special trading card when he "duels" that Elsa/Principal Randall takes an interest in. She confiscates it and decides to make a monster of it. Dr. Oliver walks in her office as she reveals her true self and they battle. She escapes and releases the creature on the card to fight the rangers. Afterward through a chance encounter, Trent's secret is revealed, much to his dismay.

1x36 – A Test of Trust

Once all is revealed, Trent is put to the test to see where he stands. Ethan, Kira, and Conner must choose whether or not to trust him. Trent ultimately decides what he must do and not everyone is happy.

1x37 – Thunder Struck: Part 1

Mesogog frees himself from Anton Mercer and imprisons him. A desperate Trent bargains for his father's life in exchange for the one thing that Mesogog covets the most, but can he be trusted?

1x38 – Thunder Struck: Part II

Mesogog's lair was destroyed with Mesogog still inside but it's not time to celebrate yet. An enraged Zeltrax declares war on the rangers like never before and holds Elsa hostage. To make things worse, Cassidy and Devin know their true identities and intend to use it to their advantage. It'll take all that the rangers have to defeat him and end it once and for all and keep from being exposed for what they really are.

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