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1x1 – Destination Dinohenge

Reporter Amelia accompanies Ollie and his mom, Dr. Akana, to investigate the mysterious Dinohenge statues; the trio run into an evil warrior named Void Knight and a threat that puts the entire world in danger.

1x2 – Sporix Unleashed

Ollie carries out a plan to catch Sporix without his teammates' knowledge; Ollie realizes the benefit of working as a team.

1x3 – Lost Signal

The Rangers intercept a mysterious message from outer space and Zayto is desperate to know if it was sent from his home planet; unable to decipher it and losing hope, Zayto remembers another important message from the past.

1x4 – New Recruits

General Boomtower tries to steal a mysterious orb from the city museum; when the Rangers struggle to stop him, they get help from an unexpected source.

1x5 – Winning Attitude

Izzy is determined to win a big race with the help of her Special Olympics athlete cousin, Lily; after Lily misses a training session and Izzy rejects more help, her sportsmanship is put to the test.

1x6 – Superstition Strikes

Amelia thinks she is cursed with bad luck and is reluctant to help the Rangers, afraid she will cause more harm; Amelia learns the truth about luck when monsters attack the base.

1x7 – Stego Search

The Warden takes away Javi's keytar, putting him in a bad mood, which he refuses to explain to the team; Javi is forced to open up about his problems in order to find his Zord.

1x8 – Unexpected Guest

A familiar face arrives on Earth and Zayto dismisses his quest as a distraction; after he saves the Rangers from a powerful Sporix Beast, Zayto realizes an important lesson.

1x9 – Cut Off

The Rangers tease Ollie for bringing all of his gadgets on a camping trip. But his tech might be their only hope when sinister Sporix suddenly attack.

1x10 – Phoning Home

A knight from Zayto's home planet suddenly appears at Dinohedge with a message that might be too good to be true - and Solon has her suspicions.

1x11 – McScary Manor

Amelia hunts for ghosts at a creepy mansion. But there's no supernatural sighting - only a fierce face-off with pyramid-shaped Tombtress.

1x12 – Super Hotshot

Izzy is convinced a new coach is going to take her athletics to the next level. Her training aspirations are put to the test when she discovers the coach's true motivations.

1x13 – The Matchmaker

Javi thinks Izzy has a crush on a friend and he sets them up on a date, but his assumption causes big problems when the monsters smell love in the air.

1x14 – Old Foes

Ollie boasts to his friends that he's afraid of nothing. But when the other Dino Fury Rangers are captured by a formidable foe, Ollie realizes his biggest fear.

1x15 – Storm Surge

Ollie agrees to help Javi with a story, but his desire for new tech distracts him from his promise. The villains exploit his obsession, and Ollie learns a lesson about priorities.

1x16 – Ancient History

Aiyon, the new Gold Ranger, reveals the dark truth about Zayto's past and the Dino Fury Rangers learn what makes a true leader.

1x17 – Our Hero

Aiyon gets free ice cream as a thank you for a heroic act, and the perks go to his head. When his Zord is captured, Aiyon learns what it means to be a true hero.

1x18 – Crossed Wires

Izzy tries to hide her difficulties with the electronics class, putting the Rangers at risk when they rely on these skills during a battle.

1x19 – The Makeover

The villains use a Sporix Beast with body-swapping powers to chase pirate treasure, which interferes with Amelia's attempt to makeover Pop-Pop for a date.

1x20 – Waking Nightmares

Seeking new Zords, Zayto is trapped on a distant planet and Aiyon makes a risky trip to save him; together they must confront the nightmares of their past before the Zords can be found.

1x21 – Void Trap

The Rangers need Dr. Akana's help to thwart the Void Knight's evil scheme - but Ollie disagrees with Zayto's plan for fear of putting his mother in danger.

1x22 – Secret Santa

As the Rangers struggle to reoccupy Santa's magical drawing book back from the villains, Javi and Solon are caught in a trap.

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