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3x1 – Episode 1

Mickey invents a new Motor Lab to add new upgrades to the gang's roadsters/The Happy Helpers offer their services to make the Bigby Towers' windows sparkle and shine.

3x2 – Episode 2

When a horse gets a traffic cone stuck on her head and is sprayed with sparkly paint, the townsfolk think they've seen a real unicorn/Minnie and Daisy are thrilled when a ranch owner asks them to give horseback riding lessons.

3x3 – Episode 3

A Safari Park race provides a perfect opportunity for the gang to convert their roadsters into their favorite animals/When Commander Heist's kitty runs away because he is being mean, he asks the Happy Helpers to teach him how to be nice.

3x4 – Episode 4

Mickey accidentally turns his roadster into a monster truck/Daisy and Cuckoo Loca grow suspicious when Minnie keeps running errand after errand with no logical explanation.

3x5 – Episode 5

Mickey offers to let the person who finds the golden Mixed-Up Ticket drive through his special Mixed-Up Motor Lab/Minnie, Daisy, Cuckoo Loca and Clarabelle take a vacation in the kingdom of Royalandia.

3x6 – Episode 6

Mickey and his pals travel to New Delhi, India, for the wedding of their friends Savi and Raj. The Happy Helpers assist an old friend who runs an auto-rickshaw business by being Tuk-Tuk drivers for the day.

3x7 – Episode 7

For Thanksgiving this year, Mickey and the gang race Thanksgiving-themed racers! Minnie, Daisy and Cuckoo Loca invite all of their friends for Thanksgiving dinner!

3x8 – Episode 8

It's Mini-Mechanics Day and Mickey's #1 fan can't wait to get to work! The Happy Helpers are busy pet-sitting while everyone heads to the Fancy Fine Dining Food Festival.

3x9 – Episode 9

Mickey must turn lemons into lemonade when he's having 'one of those days!' Cuckoo Loca's cousins visit from Paris!

3x10 – Episode 10

The gang has a hard time 'unplugging' from their devices while camping. To celebrate the 100th birthday of Hot Dog Hills, Minnie, Daisy and Cuckoo help Clarabelle put on a play!

3x11 – Episode 11

A tour of Tokyo goes sideways when Goofy accidentally unleashes a robot dinosaur upon the city! Minnie takes her friends to experience a traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

3x12 – Episode 12

Pluto finds a fallen bird's nest with three hatching eggs and becomes the baby birds' protector. Daisy wants to find a Big Valentines Day Present for Donald because The Valentines Day card she made isn't Good Enough so she went to the Mix Up Motorlab.

3x13 – Episode 13

Pete tries to win money to buy Clarabelle a new blender after sending hers blasting into the sky. Daisy leaves a mess at every turn while rushing through setting up a country fair.

3x14 – Episode 14

Mickey and his pals finish building Mickey's New House / Millie and Melody have a birthday sleepover at Minnie and Daisy's Vacation House.

3x15 – Episode 15

Mickey and the gang renovate a rundown farm. When the professor calls the Happy Helpers to watch his lab while he's away, they are given very important instructions.

3x16 – Episode 16

Mickey enlists his friends to use their mixed-up construction vehicles to rebuild the playground for Bitsy's birthday party and Pearl has nothing to wear to a family dance.

3x17 – Episode 17

The gang plans to surprise Donald with a Waffle breakfast for his Birthday/Minnie's Nieces Millie and Melody visit the Happy Helpers office for the day.

3x18 – Episode 18

Things go a little haywire when Daisy wants to celebrate Hanami with a perfect picnic/The Happy Helpers participate in the annual Harajuku Fest in Tokyo.

3x19 – Episode 19

When Pete needs a place to crash, Mickey offers to let him stay at his place. Unfortunately, Pete is the worst roommate ever/The Happy Helpers redecorate Mr. Doozy's Hotel

3x20 – Episode 20

The gang have a hard time unplugging from electronic devices while camping./Mickey and the gang celebrate the 100th birthday of Hot Dog Hills.

3x21 – Episode 21

Goofy grow a hot dog tree with the help of Pete and his fertilizer/The Happy Helpers throw Bitsy Beagleberg's puppy Phoebe a birthday party.

3x22 – Episode 22

Savi and Raj visits from New Delhi to check out an Art Museum. Sadly, the museum is closed and the gang tries to ease their disappointment/Daisy looks after adorable kittens.

3x23 – Episode 23

Minnie suggests that Mickey start giving away some of his hot dog-shaped collectibles/Penelope gets jealous when Minnie practices with Cassidy for the horse show.

3x24 – Episode 24

Pete thinks he sees a legendary creature known as the "Scronchasaur" in Hot Dog Hills Lake, So Mr. Bigby puts a prize for the first person to snap its picture/When Daisy gets a Mysterious note from her GramQuacker Lily, It leads her to believe her GramQuacker is living a secret life as a superhero named Phantom Wing.

3x25 – Episode 25

Goofy and Elray audition for their favorite magician, Trikini/When the art teacher, Mrs. Matisse, leaves to have her baby. The Happy Helpers fill in at the school.

3x26 – Episode 26

Goofy's bird call works a little too well when dozens of geese descend upon Hot Dog Hills/ Billy Beagle struggles with the difference between inside and outside voices

3x27 – Episode 27

When Goofy has to use a wheelchair before his dance competition, his pal Chester teaches him a wheelchair dance/Preparations for the Harvest Festival go sideways when Daisy discovers it's Friday the 13th.

3x28 – Episode 28

Goofy and Pete accidentally launch Billy's airship, resulting in a runaway blimp/The Happy Helpers pause their celebration for "What Makes You Happy Day" so they can help Clarabelle

3x29 – Episode 29

When Mickey rallies his pals to fix up the old historic steam engine, the Bratwurst Express, everyone wants to be the engineer/Pete's pooch needs a flea bath.

3x30 – Episode 30

Mickey invites everyone to join him for Mickey Day at the amusement park/The Happy Helpers babysit the Matisses' new baby boy, Ollie

3x31 – Episode 31

Donald's day of doing chores is derailed when his Uncle Manny pays him a surprise visit/Princess Olivia of Royalandia asks the Happy Helpers for help with the Royal-ympics.

3x32 – Episode 32

Dale befriends Gordy the Groundhog, leaving Chip feeling left out/When Cuckoo Loca needs to be in two places at once she uses the Turnstyler to duplicate herself.

3x33 – Episode 33

Buddy McBilly is so happy that he makes it his job to make sure everyone in town is happy too/Minnie and Daisy set up a surprise 'Happy Friend-Iversary' party for Cuckoo-Loca.

3x34 – Episode 34

Mickey discovers that Minnie is singing the same song he was planning to sing at the Park Picnic/Minnie and Daisy help Susie and Pearl build lemonade stands for a school fundraiser.

3x35 – Episode 35

Goofy and the gang must take a painting safely across New Delhi to the Museum of Modern Art/The Happy Helpers help Priya to take Missy the elephant to her new sanctuary home in Jaipur

3x36 – Episode 36

Mickey decorates Mr. Doozy's bed and breakfast for a chance to win Alistair's Halloween contest. It's Clarabelle's dream to win the Bratwurst Bowling Championship.

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