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1x1 – Kiss the Chef!

Thanks to a contest, Toni takes her mother Heidi on a holiday from the restaurant. She doesn't really feel like it, but who can resist a week-long luxury trip at the Baltic Sea? At home, Rufus, Toni's partner in life and business, is quite content to have the place to himself. After all, the gourmet chef is still working on getting back his star by continuing his high-class cuisine in Toni's humble country kitchen. Meanwhile, Heidi surprisingly runs into Ivo again, Rufus' ex-head waiter, who now works as a maître d' in a hotel. Again, there's love in the air, and ...

1x2 – Une étoile pour deux

A mother goes with her long grown daughter on a luxury trip to the Baltic Sea. She meets her old love again and it sparkles again. The daughter does not agree with that.

1x3 – Meine Mutter traut sich was

Innkeeper Toni and star chef Rufus want to get married in a small circle without fuss. Toni's mother, however, is planning a lavish party. Rufus mother, on the other hand, does not believe in the connection between the two lovers. It gets messy.

1x4 – Meine Mutter will ein Enkelkind

Rufus van Berg flies to Madeira for a cooking class. Toni learns from Mama Heidi that she wants to be a grandma soon. That is faster than expected. Suddenly the autistic Mia, supposedly the daughter of Rufus, stands in the door. Her mother Annette, Rufus' ex-girlfriend, has to travel and therefore needs a place to stay for the 15-year-old girl. Heidi likes the child straight away, only Toni has problems with the unexpected child.

1x5 – Meine Mutter im siebten Himmel

Eifel landlady Toni Janssen has the blues. The unexpected single life is just as depressing as the decline of the Kupferkanne restaurant without the cooking skills of her "ex". However, giving up is out of the question for her mother Heidi. When the entrepreneur, who is keen to invest, hires the gardener Ron, he surprises with charming advances. What Heidi can hardly believe at first soon puts her in a love frenzy. However, daughter Toni is not very impressed by this - she herself has kept an eye on Heidi's younger lover.

1x6 – Meine Mutter und plötzlich auch mein Vater

Eifel landlady Toni Janssen and her mother Heidi are again running the copper jug in a team of two. While Heidi's pension is running at full speed, Toni wants to shift down a few gears at her newly renovated country inn. The new name "Kupferknnchen" is supposed to stand for a less ambitious concept: home-style cooking for the bar guests. However, her new chef, Sebastian Holtmann, has the highest culinary demands. He not only has a lot on the pan, but also appears extremely self-confident. Toni is astonished that Sebastian would prefer to reopen under his name. She is ...

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