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1x1 – Pilot

Former heavyweight boxing champion Patrick "Lights" Leary struggles to find his identity and support his wife and three daughters after retiring from the ring.

1x2 – Cakewalk

When Lights is threatened with criminal charges, he's forced to make a special delivery that could have unexpected consequences.

1x3 – The Shot

Lights, on the eve of his fortieth birthday, struggles to reach a young fighter who may be the Leary gym's best hope of a champion since Lights retired.

1x4 – Bolo Punch

Johnny gets himself into a life-threatening bind, and Lights may have to put himself on the line to bail his brother out.

1x5 – The Comeback

As the Learys' financial situation turns more desperate, the aftershocks threaten Lights' and Theresa's marriage.

1x6 – Combinations

Lights prepares for his first fight in five years, while dealing with the heartbreak of being away from his family.

1x7 – Crossroads

Lights, at a crossroad, attempts a difficult comeback both in the ring, and in his home.

1x8 – Head Games

Lights, in dire need of alternative training, turns to an unorthodox boxing guru.

1x9 – Infight

Lights' allegiance to a new boxing mentor threatens to tear his family apart.

1x10 – Cut Men

An injury puts Lights' comeback, his health, and even Theresa's medical career, in jeopardy.

1x11 – Rainmaker

Lights tries to help a penniless and punch drunk former champ, even while his own future is threatened by a talkative witness.

1x12 – Sucker Punch

Just as things are ramping up for the big fight, Lights receives a surprise visitor.

1x13 – War

Lights and Reynolds face off for the heavyweight title.

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