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1x1 – The Boston Tea Party

When Moses, James and Henri come to Boston pick up Sarah, they find themselves involved in the famous tax protest.

1x2 – The Intolerable Acts

Needing to escape occupied Boston, the kids can't stay out of trouble during the British crackdown imposed after the Boston Tea Party.

1x3 – United We Stand

Sarah and Henri deliver a letter to Abigal Adams, while James learns some hard lessons about patriotic sounding mob brutality while covering the first Continental Congress.

1x4 – Liberty or Death

While on a business trip to Virginia, the gang find Moses' brother enslaved and Moses resolves to free him.

1x5 – Midnight Ride

Paul Revere and William Dawes spread the word that the "British are coming!" on the eve of "the shot heard 'round the world."

1x6 – The Shot Heard Round the World

The Revolutionary War begins with the battles of Lexington and Concord.

1x7 – Green Mountain Boys

Trouble erupts in the New Hampshire Grants when settlers are forced from their homes (1770-1775).

1x8 – The Second Continental Congress

The colonies decide they need a national army.

1x9 – Bunker Hill

The first major battle of the war.

1x10 – Postmaster General Franklin

Ben Franklin is named the first Postmaster General of the colonies (7/26/75).

1x11 – Washington Takes Command

George Washington arrives in Boston to take command of the army (7/3/75).

1x12 – Common Sense

The kids meet the hot headed idealist, Tom Paine, whose popular anti-monarchist pamphlet, "Common Sense," popularizes the idea of colonial independence.

1x13 – The First Fourth of July

James learns about the power of political rhetoric as the motion to declare independence comes to a vote in the Continental Congress.

1x14 – New York, New York

At the Battle of Long Island, Washington fights the British in open field battles -- with catastrophic results (8/27-29/76).

1x15 – The Turtle

The first attempt to sink a ship with a submarine fails (9/6/76).

1x16 – One Life to Lose

A failed peace conference between the British Admiral Howe and John Adams and Ben Franklin convinces the American leaders that the British have no interest in making peace (9/11/76).

1x17 – Captain Molly

Ben Franklin, appointed to a commission to negotiate a treaty with the French, sails for France aboard the Reprisal (10/24/76).

1x18 – American Crisis

The low point of the war for the Americans.

1x19 – Across the Delaware

Washington re-crosses the Delaware River on Christmas Day.

1x20 – An American in Paris

Ben Franklin sets up residence in Paris and begins his uphill battle to enlist France in the American cause (12/28/76).

1x21 – Sybil Ludington

Sixteen-year-old Sybil Ludington makes her own "midnight ride" in Westchester County, New York (4/26/77).

1x22 – Lafayette Arrives

The 19-year-old Marquis de Lafayette arrives after an eventful journey from France and offers his services to Congress (7/27/77).

1x23 – The Hessians Are Coming

General Horatio Gates defeats Burgoyne at the Battle of Saratoga (10/17/77).

1x24 – Valley Forge

James, Sarah and Henri are there as George Washington and his Continental Army endure a horrible winter at Valley Forge.

1x25 – Allies at Last

News of the American victory at Saratoga helps pave the way for Ben Franklin to negotiate a treaty with France.

1x26 – Honor and Compromise

The States struggle to unite politically before the arrival of the French Ambassador (5/9/78-7/8/78).

1x27 – The New Frontier

In the Ohio territory, Shawnee Chief Cornstalk and his people are caught between the Americans and the British, with tragic results (11/77).

1x28 – Not Yet Begun to Fight

In a long, desperate battle, John Paul Jones and his wildly outgunned Bonhomme Richard defeat the British Serapis off the coast of England (9/23/79).

1x29 – The Great Galvez

Spanish Governor Bernardo de Galvez aides the American cause by capturing Baton Rouge (9/21/79), Natchez (10/5/79) and Mobile (3/13/80) from the British.

1x30 – In Praise of Ben

Sarah returns to Philadelphia and is reunited with Moses, James and Henri.

1x31 – Bostonians

Sarah and Henri join the Adams family in Massachusetts just as John and his son John Quincy return from France and are reunited with Abigail (8/2/79).

1x32 – Benedict Arnold

James, Sarah and Henri are there when Arnold tries to hand West Point over to British (9/21/80).

1x33 – Conflict in the South

General Nathanael Greene replaces Horatio Gates as the American commander in the south (10/16/80).

1x34 – Deborah Samson

Deborah Samson masquerades as a man so she can enlist in the Continental army (5/20/1782-10/23/83).

1x35 – James Armistead

Virginia slave James Armistead joins Lafayette and spies on Benedict Arnold (3/81).

1x36 – Yorktown

The climatic battle of the war.

1x37 – Born Free and Equal

Massachusetts slave "Mum Bett" sues for her freedom (5/28/1781).

1x38 – The Man Who Wouldn't Be King

Ben Franklin and John Adams sign the peace treaty with England, ending the Revolutionary War (11/30/83).

1x39 – Going Home

With the signing of the Treaty of Paris, loyalists are forced to leave their homes.

1x40 – We the People

America's leaders meet at a convention in Philadelphia and decide to write a radical new Constitution.

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