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Hjld24sqkgytvb5ebuclweqklks 1x1 – Laura: Week One

Laura reveals a sexual transgression. When Dr. Weston challenges Laura's reason for her actions Laura confides a secret she'd been withholding for nearly a year.

Pj6s0tsi0ju7dog97ucpftxdmi7 1x2 – Alex: Week One

An intense Navy pilot (Blair Underwood) puts Paul's credentials to the test, while recounting the unfortunate events in Iraq that drove him to therapy.

Kxfrni8og3wa52dacphnplysn6c 1x3 – Sophie: Week One

A precocious young gymnast (Mia Wasikowska) asks Paul to render his 'professional opinion' on an insurance report detailing the girl's recent, suspicious accident.

Qnrblu2nmcnhzo5m0jp3pwikno 1x4 – Jake and Amy: Week One

A bickering husband and wife (Josh Charles and Embeth Davidtz) corner Paul on the issue they've spent the last three weeks debating: whether or not she should have an abortion.

6r8mzpyfdwvi9wbvhi2btkfuko2 1x5 – Paul and Gina: Week One

Worried he's 'losing patience with my patients,' Paul pays a visit to a retired therapist (Dianne Wiest) he'd last seen nearly ten years ago.

3l0qpbxi54za5q7rhkg8hxy26xq 1x6 – Laura: Week Two

Laura announces her engagement to Andrew. Dr. Weston awkwardly attempts to discuss her decision increasing the level of tension between them.

Fnqfdwqekpe9tj4ihjdlhnmi6kv 1x7 – Alex: Week Two

Alex discusses his stoic return to the bombing scene, and reveals issues he has with his wife.

Zmsieim37dehwn5rlgtwrnr6afa 1x8 – Sophie: Week Two

Sophie vents about her team and her parents, and Paul surprises her with his psychological opinion.

B8terbdq6fl8ibmvzobdp0gws4z 1x9 – Jake and Amy: Week Two

After Jake and Amy's session ends abruptly, Paul's wife, Kate, forces him to confront the realities of their own marriage.

Rpkewcgsaaubmais6hec7sgwqld 1x10 – Paul and Gina: Week Two

Paul's traumatic week leads Gina to make a suggestion that Paul rejects, pointing to Gina's own past in his defense.

H637duwbrzusfdjdsi5gougsnj9 1x11 – Laura: Week Three

Laura is late for her session which Dr. Weston interprets and a deliberate expression of anger. On leaving Laura meets Alex, another of Dr. Weston's patients.

Zwiwyablkxvgocwcmdca45gwcqf 1x12 – Alex: Week Three

Alex gives Paul surprising news about his encounter with another patient; Paul explores the similarities between Alex and his father.

Myqq2l5egbfqtiymjplzkfqbgpv 1x13 – Sophie: Week Three

Paul probes the circumstances surrounding the breakup of Sophie's parents, as well as her relationship with her coach.

Cyzjfsiq5yutvnbfpgsebdkqrat 1x14 – Jake and Amy: Week Three

Amy examines her unusual reaction to her miscarriage, which ends up inciting Jake's suspicions.

Gkef6zbm9esr9jcagfwpezszera 1x15 – Paul and Gina: Week Three

Gina tries to get to the root of Paul's connection to Laura.

Qvo3i5finqxitwj29wnt4bth5it 1x16 – Laura: Week Four

To Paul's discomfort, Laura describes in intimate detail her burgeoning relationship with Alex.

91nwqra5bxrtnwx0nv13hoo7w2a 1x17 – Alex: Week Four

Alex describes his recent encounter with Laura, and questions whether therapy can help him.

Nkpovtbsnsqosp9ax2wxzaap5uf 1x18 – Sophie: Week Four

Exhausted from staying up all night, Sophie ends up detailing the events leading up to her accident.

Y6huvewhrvyx5zfphtps2shfqpm 1x19 – Jake and Amy: Week Four

Paul explores the issues that have fueled Jake and Amy's volatile relationship.

9l2mibufxqvslibkfehhru6clx 1x20 – Paul and Gina: Week Four

An old wound resurfaces as Gina and Paul debate the boundaries that exist between therapists and patients.

W7t7kbragva14m6he7j2zcgc3oc 1x21 – Laura: Week Five

A close call at the hospital triggers unexpected revelations from Laura about an older man in her youth.

Zsmpyndd3oegiiqqpzjktsqm6nh 1x22 – Alex: Week Five

Alex's intimate knowledge of Paul's private life pushes the therapist to the brink.

Mnj0jh42ywjlygwgtltktirxpby 1x23 – Sophie: Week Five

Sophie's mother joins her daughter's therapy session, and Paul witnesses first-hand the hostility and anger Sophie holds toward her.

Db1atvdporec3brjd6hfytjnhhy 1x24 – Jake and Amy: Week Five

The previous week's chaos gives way to a critical decision by Amy, and an emotional admission by Jake.

Dw1xs0w5cjtzr0schgkamxzeuvy 1x25 – Paul and Gina: Week Five

Kate joins Paul in therapy for the first time, where they begin examining the disintegration of their marriage.

Dn7ghcjdipt4igjb6tv4knpycsw 1x26 – Laura: Week Six

Paul makes a point to Laura about fantasy and reality through the example of his own childhood infatuation.

Xekqpm7z7htotsp9roqzx1ktcn9 1x27 – Alex: Week Six

After apologizing for crossing a boundary, Paul tries to decipher the meaning of one of Alex's recent dreams.

X5twonpowscwnhjepjarwbudgow 1x28 – Sophie: Week Six

Sophie's gusto evaporates after Paul presses her to confront her hidden anger toward her father.

Paxipmdb2hmthfrwyj30rd42fat 1x29 – Jake and Amy: Week Six

Amy considers rejecting the new and improved Jake with a destructive alternative, eliciting a warning from Paul.

9pylk9nhqbjuarsloamvtnxwm2f 1x30 – Paul and Gina: Week Six

Paul and Kate's concern over daughter Rosie gives way to a heated exchange about Kate's role in Paul's life.

65fsid0v1nzyx83gq2ucekfjpdi 1x31 – Laura: Week Seven

Laura's absence gives Paul the opportunity to connect with Rosie and his oldest son Ian, with mixed results.

Ykiltpljlxptqjz3ocunmciixs7 1x32 – Alex: Week Seven

Alex insists he's prepared for the commitment and structure that his marriage and career offer him.

R93b853mhdfybz3tfbu5zmu31cd 1x33 – Sophie: Week Seven

Sophie attempts to convince Paul of the unique relationship she and her father share, and sees Paul as a threat in her dreams.

Vkysdgiezkhlvfxaxrjzv0n8gxq 1x34 – Jake and Amy: Week Seven

Amy shocks Jake with a revelation tied to her connection with her father's death years before.

7au4flzzpoqf0gxvlno8dbeauov 1x35 – Paul and Gina: Week Seven

Paul bristles at Kate and Rosie's secrets, but is surprised that Gina's obligatory therapy exercise proves helpful.

Qnbvkzexqky03l964pqwm03kohg 1x36 – Laura: Week Eight

A tragedy takes Paul away from the office, where a case of mistaken identity gets him in trouble.

Peiforj7lvnmtz8kjvhs5qsuvsx 1x37 – Alex: Week Eight

Paul upholds the merits of psychotherapy.

Zu2cq6swe2qf3tfpa6mem7edri8 1x38 – Sophie: Week Eight

Paul tries to get an agitated Sophie to stop blaming herself for her parents' mistakes.

G13tpswywvog52dn9qjbetzswtc 1x39 – Jake and Amy: Week Eight

A recent drive to his parents' home links Jake's problems with Amy to those with his father.

Vq3yufqh7qqzgtrt4ysr7kbuwnx 1x40 – Paul and Gina: Week Eight

Paul's lament about the value of therapy gives way to a surprising revelation from Gina.

Fr9beehs61ofn7m50asvp1fo4zo 1x41 – Sophie: Week Nine

Sophie comes to terms with her father's accountability, and asserts her own independence.

4x6dht5ebpupymbozgalby3ejty 1x42 – Jake and Amy: Week Nine

Jake and Amy come to a resolution.

1dksh3clciebpxzyt0s9k69cscg 1x43 – Paul and Gina: Week Nine

In the season finale, Paul must face the consequences of his romantic pursuit of Laura.

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