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Fpczywgksuxobp5xu6qkcdni5du 1x1 – Eine Chance für den Playboy

Master thief Alexander Mundy is paroled from prison by SIA special agent Noah Bain in order to steal for the United States government on special occasions.

Devqnmkcdtrmcrcqq2l7rjanhox 1x2 – Ein Millionär hat’s schwer

Mundy is tasked with going to a small European state who's only source of income is its casino. Soviet infiltrators are attempting to steal the states crown jewels as a way of forcing the casino to close. Mundy must try and stop the robbery from happening

X6zfb4x3278lpucjct10go5qgvr 1x3 – Abenteuer am Schwarzen Meer

Mundy needs all of his skills and talents to get a female defector safely out of enemy territory.

Yomcaq9qxxn2pqsxqbx9yaa2omq 1x4 – Empfang in der Botschaft

Mundy is tasked with infiltrating an embassy of a nation unfriendly to the United States. His job is to recover a list of enemy spies, unfortunately the Embassy staff know they are a high value target and have taken steps to stop an intrusion.

H6ahinni2e7fin1fbe5cd19tatf 1x5 – Falsche Engel

Mundy steals a famous Da Vinci painting, and arranges a buyer. To maximize his profits he arranges for a counterfeiter to produce a copy of the painting.

Slv8ztvd1jhgpxamshbohpxxxoc 1x6 – Alles nur Design

Mundy must infiltrate a small Middle Eastern nation that is taking agricultural equipment supplied by the State department and reselling it for weapons. Once in, Mundy has to figure out a way the short circuit the deal.

Bugqnsu9y64tjsumm92rogeyhbo 1x7 – Der Dieb als Spion

Mundy has to find a way to steal a shipment of Baltic furs that have valuable information about ICBM designs sown into them.

Gj0oxm2bcdoz4rc31ufoxvypl7j 1x8 – Champagner für die Damen

Sensitive plans for a new weapon are stolen, and after the best agents in the government fail to locate them back Mundy is called. What seems like an easy job becomes complicated when it is realized the plans have been micro dotted

Se3zrhel9hydg1bljwh4kmemo9s 1x9 – Streit in der Königsfamilie

The Prince of an Asian country is visiting the US. There are concerns that an assassination attempt could happen. Mundy is asked to join the prince's house hold and try and spot any potential threats

Xylc2rmmbhozqydv52vmmeq9eb5 1x10 – Jedes Täubchen ziert einen Ring

Mundy's mission to retrieve a microfilm capsule leads him from an eccentric spy in a communist prison to a beautiful ambassador's wife with a cameo ring marked confidential.

Nmj5kjaxqn1xvedkokkoutftrju 1x11 – Wie klaut man ein Schlachtschiff?

A U.N diplomat is suspected of stealing NATO plans and trying to sell them. Mundy must search the man's extensive house and try to recover the documents.

Y3ysfeqsqv3boiljvi1zd3a9qqt 1x12 – Es tritt auf: Noah Bain

Mundy is briefed to attempt to steal a new generation of optical lens from a Soviet science institute. At the last moment he is injured and Noah has to step into his shoes, with Mundys coaching.

M2hkqijxrqja8gndupadt8ocwzt 1x13 – Die Radomir-Affäre

While escaping across the border with his family, the ten year-old daughter of a scientist is captured, and being held against him for his return. Al Mundy to the rescue.

Tgs8l8wdx6xkvftd4mi9vnyalnv 1x14 – Ein unscheinbarer Schatz

The SIA stages an elaborate ruse to perpetrate Al's 'defection' to the Eastern Bloc; he is tasked to steal something, but doesn't know what; It takes his deductive talents to figure that out, before he can successfully pull off the job.

2aeucwvmai0f2qglu7g3jpxfpj1 1x15 – Bube, Dame, König, Reichsapfel

Noah orders Alexander Mundy to return a royal orb after a rich and beautiful jet-setter lifts it from its display case on a drunken whim. Little does anyone know that the orb holds an explosive surprise.

7nptzvs073pqldfmmtqil9r1jvo 1x16 – Heiße Memoiren

Noah sends Al to break into a duchess's villa, not to steal her jewels, but the manuscript of her memoir.

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