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Cdk5f0rzj8kof8udg35qjn2spcw 1x1 – Episode 1

Tom begins his new career with the loving okay from his wife, Jen.

1x2 – Episode 2

Tom must choose between loyalty to his mentor, Archie, and money when his first TV interview leads to a new sponsorship deal, but he can only feature one logo on his bowling shirt; Jen's boss stifles her creativity at the salon.

1x3 – Episode 3

Looking for ways to make extra cash, Tom considers selling his prized baseball card collection so he can treat Jen, who's been working extra hours at the salon.

1x4 – Episode 4

When Tom travels out of town for his first bowling tournament, he has the rough realization that his bowling idols are now his rivals; Helen comes to help Jen at home and work while Tom's away.

1x5 – Episode 5

Tom worries about his mom's safety after she gets stuck in a laundry basket.

1x6 – Episode 6

When Pete's mother, Helen, agrees to a date with Archie -- 10 years after he initially asked her out -- Pete and his wife, Jen, reluctantly attend a very awkward double date with them to help ease Helen's nerves.

1x7 – Episode 7

Tom asks Archie to listen to a podcast about the power of positivity in the hope that he'll adopt a more constructive, less critical coaching style.

1x8 – Episode 8

Helen unexpectedly ghosts Archie; Tom discovers that Archie's been keeping a huge secret.

1x9 – Episode 9

When Tom's bowling idol falls on hard times, Tom invites him to stay at his home until he's back on his feet; Tom and his family quickly learn that Rick is the worst houseguest to have around.

1x10 – Episode 10

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1x11 – Episode 11

When Tom's mentor and coach, Archie, suffers a heart attack just days before the competition, Tom struggles with the decision to leave him in the hospital and compete in the biggest tournament of his career.

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