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1x1 – Prison Break

A vicious, unpredictable prison escapee abandons his injured partner, ambushes a highway patrolman, and uses the patrolman's uniform and gun to hijack a school bus in a daring attempt to escape his pursuers.

1x2 – Machine-Napping

Two thieves steal a $100,000 computer and demand that amount as ransom in exchange for its safe return.

1x3 – Reckless Driving

Tragedy results when an impatient traveling salesman refuses to heed numerous warnings concerning his predilection for speeding and taking chances while driving.

1x4 – Lookout

An innocent man who unknowingly accompanies two acquaintances on an armed robbery flees and finds himself pursued by the Highway Patrol and by one of the revenge-seeking felons.

1x5 – Gambling

Dan Mathews and his officers assist a county sheriff in closing down a club that offers illicit gambling.

1x6 – Hitchhiker

A series of fraudulent insurance claims is discovered after Dan Mathews and his officers learn that the "accidental" death of a migrant worker was actually a homicide.

1x7 – Desert Town

Dan Mathews is determined to find out why the residents of a small town are behaving suspiciously and anxious to see him leave.

1x8 – Radioactive

Dan Mathews and his officers race against time to find a stolen oil indicator device that contains potentially lethal radioactive pellets.

1x9 – Reformed Criminal

Dan Mathews has reason to suspect the worst when a courier with a criminal record disappears with $31,000 after an automobile accident.

1x10 – Father Thief

A young man is put in the uncomfortable position of trying to cover up his father's theft of automobile accessories.

1x11 – Retired Gangster

Dan Mathews personally takes on the task of protecting a former crime boss who is scheduled to testify before a grand jury.

1x12 – Phony Insurance

A "transportation maintenance service" provided to trucking companies by an apparently legitimate businessman proves to be little more than a protection racket.

1x13 – Escort

Dan Mathews escorts a crusading senator to the scene of his hearings after he receives information that a prominent racketeer plans to murder him.

1x14 – Resort

A recovering addict gives Dan Mathews and a state narcotics agent information that helps them identify an exclusive resort as a front for the distribution of heroin.

1x15 – Girl Bandit

A scheming woman takes advantage of her husband, her paramour, and a complete stranger in an attempt to flee the U. S. with $53,000 in stolen funds.

1x16 – Mountain Copter

An injured felon discovered in a mountain cabin leads the Highway Patrol helicopter on a difficult chase in treacherous terrain.

1x17 – Lie Detector

Dan Mathews utilizes polygraph testing to identify the individuals who are responsible for the violent robbery of an elderly motel owner.

1x18 – Scared Cop

A highly regarded Highway Patrol officer tenders his resignation after he finds himself unable to subdue and arrest his brother (an escaped prisoner).

1x19 – Harbor Story

Three men rob a series of banks in coastal towns, then pose as fishermen in order to escape in a boat piloted by their leader.

1x20 – Hit and Run

Dan Mathews must cope with a family's effort to protect an emotionally fragile young woman who fled after striking a pedestrian with her car.

1x21 – Car Theft

Car thieves purchase wrecked vehicles and transfer the VIN plates to stolen ones in order to escape detection.

1x22 – Human Bomb

A distraught engineer sets out on a suicide mission to destroy the chemical plant at which he was formerly employed.

1x23 – Plane Crash

When a ranger checks the woods where a plane disappeared, it results in his murder and in the discovery of a kidnapped woman.

1x24 – Desert Copter

The Highway Patrol helicopter pursues a smooth-talking but ruthless murder suspect who is trying to escape with a hostage over little-used desert roads.

1x25 – Plant Robbery

Three thieves use a counterfeit armored car and stolen uniforms to steal $29,000 from a supermarket. The leader of the group becomes increasingly unpredictable and prone to violence as Dan Mathews and his men close in.

1x26 – Released Convict

A patient parolee decides the time is finally right to attempt the recovery of $250,000 stolen in an armored car robbery.

1x27 – Motorcycle A

A café owner's grudge against motorcyclists leads to the accidental death of a Highway Patrol officer.

1x28 – Mental Patient

An escapee from a mental hospital is the primary suspect in the violent death of a farmer.

1x29 – License Plates

An alert boy is able to give Dan Mathews information that provides a critical break in the pursuit of a recidivist thief.

1x30 – Hitchhiker Dies

A man who picks up a hitchhiker is accused of complicity in an armed robbery when coincidence and circumstantial evidence point strongly toward his guilt.

1x31 – Blast Area Copter

A gunman and his female hostage unwittingly wander into a designated blasting area.

1x32 – Anti-Toxin

Dan Mathews and his officers attempt to ensure the delivery of life-saving gas gangrene serum to a 10-year-old victim.

1x33 – Dead Patrolman

A Highway Patrol officer is murdered while pursuing a car stolen from a lonely bookstore owner.

1x34 – Art Robbery

Two thieves attempt to steal valuable paintings and demand ransom of $500,000. but they are forced to commit murder when the plan goes awry.

1x35 – Runaway Boy

Fearing an operation, a resourceful boy with damaged eyesight manages to stay just a step ahead of the Highway Patrol's efforts to return him safely to his parents.

1x36 – Taxi

A botched gas station robbery results in the murder of a Highway Patrol officer and the abduction of a farmer and his wife.

1x37 – Missing Witness

A woman's ill-advised attempt to save her former fiancé from a murder conviction results in the realization that the actual killer may still be at large.

1x38 – Prospector

A poor prospector arouses suspicion when he suddenly begins paying off long-standing debts from a large roll of new $100 bills.

1x39 – Christmas Story

Dan Mathews and Sergeant Corey spend Christmas Eve searching for a lost six-year-old girl.

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