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1x1 – Pilot

As TNT's dynamic new series opens, Christina Hawthorne, chief nursing officer for Richmond Trinity Hospital, races to work to try to prevent a suicide attempt by David, an end-stage cancer patient and best friend to her husband.

1x2 – Healing Time

Christina becomes attached to a brain aneurism patient (special guest star Malcolm-Jamal Warner) when his dementia leads him to believe she is his wife. This becomes an issue when the patient starts relying on Christina?s opinion over Dr. Wakefield's. Kelly gets stuck caring for a cantankerous patient (special guest star Cloris Leachman) for whom nothing she does is satisfactory. After being punched and losing his overtime pay, Ray becomes convinced the hospital is out to get him. And Bobbie continues to be hesitant about pursuing a relationship with handsome ...

1x3 – Yielding

Christina scrambles to create a makeshift ICU bed for a woman whose son isn't ready to let her go. Bobbie helps Kelly handle a difficult case in which an infant has apparently ingested rubbing alcohol, and suspicion has fallen on the mother. Ray tries to spend time with Candy checking expiration dates in the drug closet, but his attention keeps getting pulled by a needy patient. And Camille spends the day sneaking around the hospital when she's supposed to be working on an English essay.

1x4 – All the Wrong Places

Christina struggles to save a Korean woman and her little boy after a car accident, but it seems none of their injuries are the cause of their sudden paralysis.

1x5 – The Sense of Belonging

Christina clashes with hotshot and arrogant new surgeon Dr. Phillips over his handling of her long-time young patient Amy Johnson who has been diagnosed with AVM. Although the surgery goes well Morrissey is far from amused with her actions. Meanwhile, Amanda checks in for biopsy surgery with Tom who hires Ray to be her nurse and for the procedure to be kept from Christina. Elsewhere, Larry from Accounting overpays Candy so she suggests drinks - Larry is delighted until Ray confronts him. Who will win?

1x6 – Trust Me

After Sacred Heart ER shuts down Morrissey takes on the extra patients without consulting Christina. Meanwhile, Camille's friend Ryan is brought into Trinity with heart problems. Elsewhere, Isabelle's baby son is assigned to a family and Ray talks to a journalist who is writing an expose on Trinity.

1x7 – Night Moves

Tom volunteers Ray to be a medic at a female Ice Hockey game and promptly causes chaos. Christina works a double shift and takes in an expectant mother who's made a deal to hand over her baby boy against her boyfriend's wishes. But when two prospective sets of parents turn up to adopt Crystal's baby Christina has to wade in to find out what is really going on. Elsewhere, Bobbie finds Isabel foraging in a dumpster and takes her home where they bond.

1x8 – No Guts, No Glory

Ray tends to a motorcycle crash casualty who may be quadriplegic following the accident. Christina tends to a mother who has old bruising - is she being beaten by her partner? Christina asks Kelly to take Camille for a driving lesson and Bobbie has do deal with a racist patient.

1x9 – Mother's Day

Morrissey battles both Tom and Christina to reduce the hospital's budget forcing both to fire doctors and nurses. Bobbie is put in charge, as Christina battles Morrissey, and has to deal with the death of a young baby in the E.R. which upsets all the staff. Meanwhile, Camille begs her mother to let her go to Virginia Beach for the weekend.

1x10 – Hello and Goodbye

David Gendler's cancer, which had been in remission, returns and anxious to get him the best treatment and onto a new trial she manages to anger Tom when his patient gets bumped to accommodate David. So Christina has a choice to make? Meanwhile, Camille spends the day with her grandmother Amanda at the hospital. Isabel tries to get to see Bobbie but Bobbie refuses until she brings back her titanium leg and Candy's unit gets called to serve in Afghanistan as Ray cheats on her with Dr. Marshall.

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