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1x1 – The Deep Jungle

The murders of four missionary women bring Helena, a detective, to the deep jungle. Years before, Yua and Ushe are tasked with protecting the jungle.

1x2 – The Walkers

Meeting resistance from locals, Helena sets out on her own to investigate. She's haunted by Ushe, one of Yua's proteges, who's also been murdered.

1x3 – The Tree

Helena connects the dots from the murders to her tortured personal story. Almost 50 years earlier, Yua's tribe battled Joseph's men.

1x4 – The Poison

While visiting a powerful smuggler in the heart of the jungle, Helena discovers he has unexpected connections to her family and a surprise prisoner.

1x5 – The Death

Helena and a local cop willing to help her bring the prisoner back to town. A flashback examines Helena's birth and mission.

1x6 – The Seed

The prisoner escapes, sparking a frantic search. Joseph and his men plot to learn the jungle's secrets.

1x7 – The Light

Ushe is returned to the jungle by her tribe. Unfortunately, Joseph and his men figure out where they are and are now in hot pursuit.

1x8 – The Dark

As the tribes wage war against one another on Earth, Helena - with Ushe's help - faces off against the enemy in the cosmic heart of the jungle.

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