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1x1 – Episode 1

Stone and Briggs are on the scene when a fight breaks out between a valet and high-powered attorney Leslie Gorman. The lawyer tries to foist money onto Jim to make him overlook everything, but the young cop arrests him instead for attempted bribery. Gorman files a report at the station stating that Jim roughed him updduring the arrest. Sam knows that Gorman is lying and when he tries to prove it, he almost gets nailed for a similar brutality charge. tries to nail the older cop with a similar complaint.

1x2 – Episode 2

The clock is ticking down for death-row inmate Joe Caslin. After he hears about a robbery and murder similar to what he was condemned for, he pleads with Sam and Jim to look into the recent crime in the hopes that it will clear him. Even after the suspects in the newer case are caught, will it make a difference in Caslin's case?

1x3 – Episode 3

A cop comes across a robbery. He shoots at them, and they shoot at him. He hits one of them and the other gets way, The one he shot was holding the bag and when it fell all the money inside came out. Later the owner informs Captain Nye that there's still some money missing. Nye then calls Sam and tells him what the owner said. Which means either one of two things, the one that got away has it or the cop took it. Nye also tells him that the cop is in a financial crisis and tells Sam to check it out. San tries to find the second guy and when the cop learns that they ...

1x4 – Episode 4

Upon learning that a gang of crooks plans to rob the payroll office at the baseball stadium, Jim goes undercover as an employee.

1x5 – Episode 5

Sgt. Lufton, a Korean War vet, breaks out of the mental hospital where he is confined. Sam, who's a vet himself, leads the search for the deluded war hero, determined to bring him back safely. He learns that Lufton is out to keep a date he made in 1950 with a USO girl and that he believes a nearby housewife is that same girl.

1x6 – Episode 6

Arnie and Bracy are a couple of punks who first get on the cops' radar screen after the senseless murder of a counterman at an all-night diner. When they next attempt to extort money from a young housewife, Sam and Jim pick up their trail, leading to a frantic and deadly chase.

1x7 – Episode 7

Captain Nye is shot. Briggs and Stone try to find the shooter. The only lead they have is that the man is particular about his appearance especially about his clothes because he was seen trying to wash a stain off it. They get word to all the dry cleaners and sure enough, the one he went to calls them. They go there but he's gone. The dry cleaner says he saw a plane ticket in his coat. They head to the airport to get him but when they reach the plane, the learn that the man left. They discover that he saw the newspaper and it said the Captain is still alive. So they ...

1x8 – Episode 8

Two murderous muggers attack an innocent man walking his dog in the park, then seemingly disappear. Sam soon discovers that they've forced Albie, a top police snitch, to hide them in his apartment.

1x9 – Episode 9

Sam and Jim try to unfold a bizarre mystery when a young man claims to have received death threats and also claims to have witnessed the murder of his brother's gardener. The gardener is very much alive, and no evidence of any threats can be found. Is the young man disturbed?

1x10 – Episode 10

Jim's girlfriend Cloris, a stewardess in town on layover, receives an unwanted visit from Wade, her ex-con ex-husband, who initially tries to shake her down for money to get out of town. Paulie, a thug, blames him for his brother's death and is out to get him. Wade changes his plans upon meeting Jim and learning that he's a cop...he steals Jim's gun and badge and pays Paulie a deadly visit.

1x11 – Episode 11

Sam's been trying to nail fanatic Charles Roland Flagg and his paramilitary operation for quite some time. His latest attempt fails due to former member Ben Tyler, who wants revenge on Flagg for kicking him out of the group. Sam tries to convince Tyler that by working together, they can both get what they want.

1x12 – Episode 12

Jim is the star witness against drug pusher Peel. His underlings frame the young cop for murder in an effort to discredit him.

1x13 – Episode 13

Roy Madden, the owner of a football team who thinks his wealth and position makes him superior to everyone. He's having an affair with the wife of one of his players. When the man comes looking for his wife, Madden gets her out but the guy knows she was with him, so he tells Madden to leave his wife alone and starts to assault Madden when Bull, a former player who works for Madden as a bodyguard throws him out. But he sneaks back in and again tries to assault Madden but Madden strikes him with something killing him. He then calls Bull, and tells him that he came back ...

1x14 – Episode 14

Sam and Jim respond to an alarm. Jim sees a man and follows him.The man goes down a man hole and Jim follows him. Sam loses sight of Jim. While in the sewer, the man shoots Jim and leaves him there. The man hole they went in is sealed. He later goes out through another man hole. The police see him and arrest him. Sam learns he has ties to the place that was robbed, so he has him arrested. Sam and Dan think he knows where Jim is but the man wants his lawyer. And his lawyer advises him not to say anything. They hold him while Jim is languishing in the sewer.

1x15 – Episode 15

Edgar and Marlee are on a crime spree involving passing of bad checks and murder. After Sam and another cop are critically wounded in a shootout with Edgar, Jim is left.standing to face him.

1x16 – Episode 16

Sam manages to get the abused girlfriend of extortionist Gorley to help put him away.

1x17 – Episode 17

Armed robber Kenny Norton is shot and killed by Jim. His father kidnaps Jim's father Dan in revenge.

1x18 – Episode 18

Two minor criminals are murdered, and all the evidence points to Lt. Mike Reineck, who was Sam's former partner.

1x19 – Episode 19

When a woman is found dead in the pool of Adam Langtry, a wealthy man, the police are called in. Sam talks to one of Langtry's people who tells him that it was an accident. But Sam says he wants to investigate and that includes talking to Langtry. His people tell Sam he needs to make an appointment but Sam says he'll see him now. So he goes to his office but the guard stops him. Sam then gets a call from the Captain telling him to come to the station. He tells Sam to talk to the dead woman's sister. Sam talks to her and she tells Sam that her sister was Langtry's ...

1x20 – Episode 20

A millionaire is suspected of murder and Detective Stone lays a trap to prove his case. The wealthy Langtry hires a hit man to take out his nemesis before any proof of his involvement is found.

1x21 – Episode 21

Phil Calder, who was arrested several years before for the attempted murder of a woman, is the prime suspect in a similar case, but Sam doesn't buy it.

1x22 – Episode 22

Syndicate leader Blaisie is captured and taken to the precinct. His men take Dan hostage in an attempt to free him.

1x23 – Episode 23

A pair of burglars threatens to kill their victims, a rich couple, if they talk to the cops. They wind up going after the couple's young daughter instead.

1x24 – Episode 24

Sam and Jim provide protection for deposed Syndicate leader Majeski, who's offered to turn evidence against his successor Durant, but they're ambushed and Majeski disappears.

1x25 – Episode 25

Sam and Jim respond to an alarm. They arrive and see the robber making his way out. He shoots at them and they return fire. They hit him but they also discover a boy who was shot. And Sam wonders if it was his bullet that hit him. While waiting for ballistics to determine that, he and Jim think that the robber may have had a partner so they talk to the girlfriend of the one they caught who says she knows nothing. And Sam is confronted by the boy's father who says he killed his son.

1x26 – Episode 26

A cop whom Sam knows is shot. Jim tries to find out what he was working on. Sam learns that a man who saved his life in Korea was brought in for being drunk. Sam gets him released and brings him home. The man upon going home sees two men there it seems that the man is a pilot and they want him to fly them to bring something but he refuses. But when his son whom he wasn't expecting for a few more days shows up he goes with them. Jim tells Dan that the case the cop who was shot involves smuggling and that the smugglers use a helicopter to bring them in and the pilot the...

1x27 – Episode 27

Investigating a murder at an aircraft company, Sam confers with an old acquaintance, suave Martin Lynch, who has been hired as the firm's security chief. Lynch is behind the industrial espionage that is plaguing the company.

1x28 – Episode 28

Miller, a building contractor, makes a.frantic call to Sam before being killed in an explosion. Subsequent investigation reveals that Mob boss Kester is trying to force his way into the construction business, with the help of Maitland, a building inspector he bribed.

1x29 – Episode 29

Mason, a thug who works on the docks, steals a.pistol from a shipment and attacks a guard who caught him in the act. Sam and Jim go to the neighborhood near the docks in search of Mason, only to discover that no one in the neighborhood will help them, aside from Dr. Greene. The residents are either too frightened to get involved or they're comrades of Mason's and are.protecting him.

1x30 – Episode 30

Sam and Jim are investigating a murder. The victim's secretary says that he had a visitor before he died. She says she doesn't know who he is. They take her to the station and when she sees Dan she says he's the one. Sam and Jim don't believe it. But they find more evidence that points to Dan. And another witness says he saw Dan in the vicinity. And Dan is very defensive.

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