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1x1 – Confessions of an Honest Man

Harry Lime is trying to deliver a secret tape to British Intelligence, but enemy agents are trying to stop him.

1x2 – A Question of Price

When a 16th Century jewelcase en-route to Harry Lime is stolen at gunpoint on the high seas, Harry suspects a unscrupulous Greek shipping magnate whom one of Lime's old flames once married for money.

1x3 – The Hollywood Incident

A French movie producer and art connoisseur won't buy a treasure from Lime, but spends lavishly on rubbish. It turns out to be a case of blackmail concerning the producer's wartime conduct.

1x4 – Death of an Overlord

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1x5 – Sparks from a Dead Fire

An unknown woman leaves a packet of uncut diamonds for Harry. Almost immediately after this a representative of the International Diamond Company shows up at Harry's office looking for an old friend of his from the French Resistance.

1x6 – The Trouble at Drill Hill

Harry visits an oil field in which he is invested where murder and mayhem are afoot.

1x7 – The Man Who Died Twice

Harry checks into a hotel room in San Francisco and discovers the body of a man who has been shot. The man appears to be a former South American president who died two years earlier.

1x8 – The Angry Young Man

Harry investigates the supposed suicide of a friend and he suspects murder. The man had a son who hated him, an employee who may have been leaching off of him, and a new wife played by Hazel Court.

1x9 – Dark Island

Harry Lime travels to a Middle Eastern island, where he encounters a general plotting a coup. The general tries to recruit Lime to be the new government's diplomat, but Lime realizes that the general must be stopped.

1x10 – The Girl Who Didn't Know

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1x11 – The Third Medallion

Harry searches for the only man who knows the location of a Free-French freighter that was sank in World War II with a half-billion dollars of gold in its hold. His only clue is the man carries a gold medallion.

1x12 – Castle in Spain

Harry is trying to sell his Spanish Castle to a very wealthy woman but he soon finds himself being detained both by the police and by a Nazi war criminal.

1x13 – The Indispensible Man

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1x14 – Listen for the Sound of a Witch

In New York City, Mr. Clark of James Clark Home Enterprises, hires Harry Lime to deliver a $5 million dollar check - at a castle located in Soain, in exchange for 10% - $50,000. When Harry arrives in the Spanish town, he's told the castle doesn't exist. But, when Harry writes a.cable to Mr. Clark, in which he mentions the large sum of money, all of the sudden, there IS a castle - and some townsfolk are only too eager to help Harry. But, Harry's friend overhears this, & tries to warn Harry to leave before it's too late.

1x15 – A Man Takes a Trip

A racketeer hires Harry Lime to shield a Presidential hopeful from an assassin.

1x16 – A Pocketful of Sin

When a former Nazi chemist is murdered and his rocket fuel formula stolen so it can be sold to an anti-Western power, Harry recruits an old pickpocket friend in an effort to sabotage the deal.

1x17 – How to Buy a Country

Bradford Webster recalls how he first met Harry Lime. While working as a bank teller, Brad agreed to cash one of Harry's large checks without managerial approval. When it bounced, Harry and Brad flew to Zurich to learn the reason for the shortfall, which resulted in Harry's buying and reselling a small country to earn enough money to prevent Brad from going to jail.

1x18 – As the Twig Is Bent

By threat and bribe, Harry is convinced to replace a forged painting with one he stole years earlier. Although only Harry and one other man are supposed to know about the forged painting, there seems to be no end to the number of men determined that the real portrait will not be returned to its proper owner.

1x19 – Broken Strings

Harry becomes involved in espionage and international intrigue when a priceless violin is stolen after a concert.

1x20 – Five Hours to Kill

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