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1x1 – Futari no kyori kyôdai

Amidst a series of riots in Rome, Jean, Rico, Henrietta, Jose, Hilshire, and Triela look for FRF terrorist bombers in the crowd. Also, Henrietta longs to be closer to Jose.

1x2 – Pinokkio

The leaders of the PRF terrorists plan on bombing the Strait of Messina Bridge. They send Franco and Flanca to meet with Pinocchio, Cristiano's main assassin, and to organize the attack.

1x3 – Simulacra

A public safety official who was investigating Pinocchio in Montalcino has disappeared, and Hilshire and Triela are sent to investigate. Meanwhile Pinocchio, Flanca, and Franco continue to plan their attack.

1x4 – Angelica's Return

Vincenzo and Bruno drive around Italy disposing of bodies for the PRF, and Bruno meets with Cristiano; even though she doesn't seem to be fully recovered, Angelica returns to duty and accompanies Marco, Jean, and Rico to Milan to gather information on the terrorists; Marco meets with a cop that he used to work with to see if he has any useful information on the terrorists; Priscilla and Olga follow Angelica to Milan to keep an eye on her recovery, and they team up with Marco and Angelica to take out a terrorist nest.

1x5 – Evanescence and Reminiscence

A politician blames the PRF for an attempt on his life; Marco worries about Angelica, who still doesn't seem to be her old self; Triela copes with her loss to Pinocchio; Patricia, Marco's ex-girlfriend, teams up with a reporter named Leonardo Conti to dig up more information on the Social Welfare Agency.

1x6 – The Tibetan Terrier's Retirement

Jose, Henrietta, Rico, and Jean protect the chairwoman of the Strait of Messina Bridge project, who is in danger from the PRF. While there, Rico damages Henrietta's kaleidoscope, which causes a rift between them. Also, while hiding out at her vineyard and planning the bridge bombing with Franco, Flanca learns that Nino, an old acquaintance, is in charge of kidnapping the chairwoman.

1x7 – Caterina and the Circle of Revenge

Through flashbacks, Flanca's reason for getting involved with the PRF terrorists and how she met Franco are revealed. In present day, she gets captured by a group of Section One operatives, and Franco and Pinocchio must rescue her.

1x8 – A Day in the Life of Claes

While the rest of the girls are training or out on missions, Claes' daily routine is shown - among her daily activities are eating breakfast with her friends, gardening, reading, acting as a test subject for the agency, and wandering around the campus.

1x9 – Clever Snake, Simple Pigeon

Jose meets with an old friend from the military police and reminisces about the past, and he struggles with his love for Henrietta as he remembers his sister. Also, Section 2 tries to stop members of the military who are providing weapons for the PRF.

1x10 – Flower of Good Will

Triela is assigned to guard Mimi, the daughter of gangster Mario Bossi, as Bossi prepares to testify against his former colleagues. While there, Triela bonds with Mimi, and she learns something about herself in the process. In flashback, Hilshire is seen as a young Europol agent who is determined to eliminate child trafficking.

1x11 – Budding Feelings

While hiding out at Flanca's vineyard, Pinocchio softens up and opens up to Franco. Also, the PRF decides to put all of the blame for its recent failures on Cristiano and give him up to the authorities, but Franco and Flanca decide to help him. Meanwhile, Section 2 prepares to capture Cristiano. In flashback, Cristiano finds Pinocchio and John Doe trains him as an assassin.

1x12 – The Fighting Puppet

Franco and Flanca try to blow the bridge as Henrietta and Jose try to stop them. Afterwards, Franco recovers from a gunshot wound at the vineyard while Pinocchio, upset that he hesitated to shoot Henrietta, goes to help Cristiano as Section 2 prepares their assault. Also, Triela thinks about her loss to Pinocchio.

1x13 – And So Pinocchio Becomes Human

Triela fights Pinocchio while the rest of Section 2 tries to apprehend the fleeing Cristiano. Also, Franco and Flanca go to help Pinocchio.

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