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1x1 – Glanz in deinen Augen

The Twinkle In Her Eye - a 10 year old boy goes missing from a skating park. Vince Flemming (psychologist) and Ann (a police lieutenant) get divorced, which complicates matters when Vince is hired by the police to work the case with Ann.

1x2 – Das Blut der Liebe

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1x3 – Der Tag ohne gestern

The Day Without Yesterday - a teen suicide portends a high school shooting. Flemming feels there is an underlying reason why.

1x4 – Die Herrin der Gefühle

Under Her Spell - an effigy of a jazz singer is found buried with nails driven in the body. Interpreting a symbolic funeral, Vince finds the Jazz singer to warn her to no avail. Ann and team investigate the suspects.

1x5 – Das hohe Lied

Song of Songs - Leo's secretary seeks therapy from Flemming and it's making him crazy because Flemming will not tell him what is discussed. A man is found dead shortly after making a new will. The man has three children from a previous marriage but decides to leave the business to his young second wife.

1x6 – Verbrannte Erde

Scorched Earth - Ana investigates the death of an old man found electrocuted in a bathtub; suicide or murder? Fleming, who is on his way on vacation, is called back to assist.

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