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1x1 – Der Drachen

The wind blows James and Sarah's kite away. Luckily, Fireman Sam kindly agrees to retrieve from the roof of Dilys' shop.

1x2 – Folge 2

On a very hot day, Sarah and James are picking potatoes for Bella. Fireman Sam wonders if he can help, but first he has to deal with a barn fire at Pandy Lane Farm.

1x3 – Die Feuerwehrübung

It's only going to be routine drill for Trevor Evans on his first day in the fire service until a message comes over the radio. "Looks like you're in for the real thing, Trev!" says Sam.

1x4 – Die Reifenpanne

Trevor's bus is delayed by a flat tyre and Fireman Sam tries to help, but Trevor's replacement tyre ends up rolling around Pontypandy.

1x5 – Folge 5

Fireman Sam takes a rare day off and takes Sarah and James camping but when the bus catches fire, things go from bad to worse when the tent starts burning.

1x6 – Norman macht Dummheiten

Norman causes trouble for the fire brigade by making a hoax call and then setting the fire bell off, but needs their help when his head gets stuck in a railing.

1x7 – Die verschwundene Katze

It is a busy day for the fire brigade with plans to paint the station but a chip pan fire interrupts things and then Trevor gets stuck up a tree trying to rescue Rosa.

1x8 – Folge 8

Station Officer Steele is appearing on TV to give advise on Fire Safety but when Bella's TV is on fire, no one is able to watch as Sam and Elvis attend the fire.

1x10 – Sam's Day Off

Fireman Sam's popcorn machine seems just the ticket for going to the pictures - until it suffers from a high degree of flumbustication!

1x11 – Thief in Pontypandy
1x12 – Chemistry Set

Norman Price's dream of making the pongiest stink bomb in the world backfires when Dilys sticks her nose into her Little Treasure's lab.

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