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9glla0ht79fdlruydoeolup8twy 1x1 – Manimal

Jonathan Chase is a British college professor at New York University who has the unusual ability to transform into any kind of animal he wants. He decides to use his power to assist the New York Police Department in solving unusual crimes, and in this series pilot, he teams up with cute cop Brooke and war buddy Ty to stop some terrorists from stealing a supply of toxic gas.

Ncgkzaufaqkjw69uh66iujoervd 1x2 – Illusion

Jonathan is helping the police apprehend the man behind a smuggling ring. But they discover that the man is a diplomat with diplomatic immunity. Jonathan follow him and sees him talking to a magician. Later the magician appears to have been killed by the leopard he uses is in his act. His partner says that his partner always went near the leopard and nothing happened. Rivera says that the leopard by law has to be put down. Jonathan doesn't think the leopard killed the magician. They try to find out what the connection between the diplomat and the magician is.

Mgoh054k1igx2qb6mwdjordmyvy 1x3 – Night of the Scorpion

A man is found dead on a ship with a venomous spider next to him. Jonathan is brought in and he doesn't think the spider is the cause of death. An autopsy is done and it's discovered that he had some kind of drug in his system. A drug that is kind of truth serum and he had a bad reaction to it. They meet his daughter who says he does work in the Bahamas. So Jonathan decides to go there and she joins him. They go to the bank and they find a note with a $100 bill that says a million more. So she wonders if there is a million how did he get it. They run into his boss. ...

S4kwy8dxmc8h5ofxhumb2gdruz4 1x4 – Female of the Species

A girl was found in India apparently raised by wolves and brought to the U.S. and is being kept at a university while she is being studied. Jonathan attends a lecture and it's during the lecture her habitat is set on fire. Jonathan tries to save her but she runs away. When she sees Jonatahn transform she trusts him. Jonathan takes her to his home and tries to communicate with her. The scientist who found demands she be returned to him but Jonathan thinks she's in danger. Jonathan has Ty check her out and thinks she's the daughter of a businessman who happened to be in...

2r9c1qc9xl5o4jspbyomfqd1d8p 1x5 – High Stakes

Jonathan and Ty are at the race track. A female horse owner sees another racing and thinks that it's her horse which was stolen sometime ago. She confronts the man who owns the horse and says she's wrong but she insists she's right. Jonathan decides to help her.

Csdyqslhpreakvc4nqozs6g0zcs 1x6 – Scrimshaw

Jonathan, Brooke and Ty are at the beach with seaman and his grandson. They find a skeleton. It's quite obvious the person was killed by boomerang that struck the head which was embedded in it. And the person was holding a scrimshaw. They notice something carved into it which is quite obviously a map. So they try to find out who the victim is and who the killer is. In the meantime, the seaman is keeping something from them.

Qtxsk785d4fb8ozgvipifrjgjq2 1x7 – Breath of the Dragon

While visiting a friend in Chinatown, Jonathan discovers that there's a gang who are shaking down everyone. He discovers that his friend's grandson has joined the gang. They learn that the man behind the gang calls himself the Dragon who's emulating a man who years ago demanded that people give him half their earnings, and if not they will receive the mark of the Dragon which are left at their door and if they still refuse they will feel the breath of the Dragon which is fire, which has been happening a lot. Jonathan learns he also has a gambling casino which he goes ...

6wctnzjjvpokoec1ne3pk8aynng 1x8 – Night of the Beast

Vacationing in a small town, Birch Hollow, JC is kidnapped by a woman who believes he is responsible for the disappearance of her brother. She locks JC in a crate. At the hotel, Ty & Brooke find criminals who plot to establish a casino.

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