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1tsyexutwkgqzed6ucaso46zr9d 1x1 – Folge 1

The Eds discover that people's things are being touched and set out to catch the "serial toucher."/ After getting lost in the woods, the Eds are taken in by the "Kanker Sisters."

X9okbvypajndk82e0ygnstddbru 1x2 – Folge 2

After hearing about Nazz's sprinkler party, the Eds decide to crash it, but not all goes according to plan. / Ed and Edd devise a plan to make Eddy taller.

2puuqd41csv5gpbouq2t87azwwl 1x3 – Folge 3

A Pinch to Grow an Ed: Eddy asks the gang for their help in devising a plan to help him grow taller. Sir Ed-A-Lot: The gang are forced to babysit Ed's young sister.

Co07rkwrfu2fyiqvichtqmjg2yy 1x4 – Folge 4

Edd's got a paper route, saving up for an expensive electron microscope. Eddy has other plans.

Wa1yfpta0lrdn0gbso06gdioihc 1x5 – Folge 5

An Ed Too Many: When Sarah falls in love with Edd, the other Eds try to break them up. Ed-N-Seek: The Eds join a neighbourhood game of hide and seek.

7kspjiakxuyd6uz1wccbxdwceca 1x6 – Folge 6

Look into My Eds: The Eds use a hypnotising pinwheel to control everyone in town. Tag Yer Ed: Edd plans to show Rolf and Kevin that he is tough by arranging a wrestling match.

R5ji4kxgewfo017fb45azizsezc 1x7 – Folge 7

Dawn of the Eds: When the Eds find themselves in a junkyard they believe they are on another planet. Virt-Ed-Go: The Eds build a club house but will only let paying members join.

Funmbuut1ccyxge3l3cmhvq4aqx 1x8 – Folge 8

The Eds must find a valuable item to swap with Rolf's egg./Edd asks the gang for help when he is forced to cut the lawn.

9olebrp26k1nmernclh5ccytj4n 1x9 – Folge 9

Fool on the Ed: A practical joker steals Eddy's idea to fool everyone. A Boy and his Ed: When the Eds find out that Kevin has a garage full of jawbreakers they try to make friends.

3ymkk2wdn3ctszqd3et5ilqj6a9 1x10 – Folge 10

Eddy literally begins to lose his marbles when all kids are down from a chicken pox. No kids, no schemes for Eddy./ Ed, Edd and Eddy come up with their own fad, called Fad Freaky.

84gyq7n84d5hchdyuegibnxzazg 1x11 – Folge 11

When the Eds break Kevin's window they tell him that it was a group called 'the mucky boys'./The Eds try to enlist as 'Urban Rangers'.

3k4f8j1kjfxss1te6wxvtypmpaw 1x12 – Folge 12

Eddy and Double-D discover that Ed is a sleepwalker with an enormous appetite./ Eddy loses his voice and receives a cow bell from Ed to ring when he needs something. Eddy can't be understood even with the cow bell. So Ed and Double-D summon Rolf, who claims is quite familiar with 'bell talking'.

H998fabcrd8ay19nzdfdrwzvhya 1x13 – Folge 13

When Eddy loses his voice, Edd and Ed hire Rolf as interpreter./The Eds offer the kids a boat ride but soon they come under attack from a pirate ship.

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