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1x0 – The Lost Dog Pilot

While this isn't the actual pilot, A&E has taken footage from their reality show "Take This Job" (an episode they did on Dog and his bail bond business in 2003) and turned it into a "lost pilot". The episode is just like the current version of "Dog the Bounty Hunter" with extra narration.

1x1 – Meet the Chapmans

In the premiere episode, Dog defends his family name as he chases down a ""Chapman gone awry."" Floyd Chapman is a bail jumper with the same last name as Dog (but no relation). Dog uses a phone ruse to get information from Floyd's mother, then rocks his team into a state of aggressive anticipation to make the bust at Floyd's family home. - Summary from A&E's ""Dog"" website

1x2 – Father and Son

Dog and Leland tell the story of how hard it was for father and son to get to know each other again after Dog went to jail and the wild period that Leland went through as a teenager.

1x3 – The Competition

Two drug dealers have failed to appear in court, and Dog is on the hunt. He divides the group into two teams - the veterans (himself, Beth, and Tim) and the rookies (Leland and Justin) - and have them complete to see who can catch their guy first. While the veterans go after a potentially-dangerous man who's hiding out on the beach, the rookies must find a young Samoan woman who is on the run in her own community. Will Dog keep bragging rights as the best bounty hunter in the world, or will his young apprentices steal the mantle from him? - Summary from A&E's ""Dog"" website

1x4 – A Walk on the Wild Side

Dog and his team hunt bail jumper Joseph Sampaio. The crew tirelessly searches under every rock in Waikaki's seedy underbelly, looking for some sign of the repeat offender and his girlfriend, or they'll lose the $20,000 bail. They hang on doors and pound the pavement at all the fugitive's local hangouts, but Dog has a secret mission that seems even harder to nail down . . . finding a clown to perform at a surprise birthday party for his brother, Tim. - Summary from A&E's ""Dog"" website

1x5 – Bounty Hunters Have Hearts Too

Dog and his team search Honolulu's Chinatown for a young Samoan girl who's gone down the wrong path. The petty criminals and party animals of the underworld lionize Dog and lie to him, closing ranks to protect one of their own. After a frustrating day of hunting, Dog later has to keep his 3 and 5-year-old kids quiet during the 5th grade school play of his 11-year-old daughter. The next day, the search continues, and Dog enlists Ili Suka (his Samoan secret weapon) to help track down the fugitive. - Summary from A&E's ""Dog"" website

1x6 – Love's Labors Lost and Found

While hunting an elusive deep sea fisherman, who turns out to spending a few days out on the ocean, Dog tries to plan a great Mother's Day for Beth, but he has trouble finding the kind of flowers she likes. - Summary from A&E's ""Dog"" website

1x7 – The Godfather of Waikiki

Dog is hunting a man known as ""The Godfather of Waikiki."" Dog and Beth bailed him out as a courtesy, but how he is refusing to go to court. If Dog doesn't bring him in, it could cost him more than money . . . he may also lose his respect on the street. - Summary from A&E's ""Dog"" website

1x8 – Hide and Seek (1)

Dog and his team are after Patty Estabilio, who has jumped a $15,000 bond and disappeared into Hawaii's underworld, a place populated by ""night crawlers"" and ""ice"" (crystal methamphetamine) addicts. Constantly on the move, she tests Dog's bounty hunting skills, as well as his patience. - Summary from A&E's ""Dog"" website

1x9 – Hide and Seek (2)

As the search continues for Patty Estabilio, Dog and his team hit yet another dead end and find themselves dealing with Patty's friends, who get out of hand. Dog and Leland defend themselves with mace. Leland is taken down, but manages to escape without serious injury. As the scene escalates, the Chapmans have no choice but to make a hasty retreat as their cars are pounded with angry fists. The slew of near misses, bad tips, and long nights spent staking out ""ice"" dens is taking it's toll on Dog's team. - Summary from A&E's ""Dog"" website

1x10 – Justin's Big Day

Dog's nephew, Justin, wants to be a full-fledged member of the team, and Dog has a fugitive that will test his case. Solomon Fuller is a long-line fisherman who has failed to appear in court on assault charges. So the team heads to the marina, and Justin is told that he is to take the lead in the arrest. - Summary from A&E's ""Dog"" website

1x11 – It's Good To Be Home

Dog and his team return to Denver, Colorado, where they used to live. Dog and Tim appear on an early morning radio show, where a listener calls in with a tip on one of the fugitives they're hunting. - Summary from A&E's ""Dog"" website

1x12 – You Can't Go Home Again

Dog and Beth enjoy reminiscing about their early days bounty hunting in Denver. They return to the house where Dog raised Leland (built by Dog's grandfather), which moves Dog to tears. As they walk through the abandoned and rundown house, Dog is touched by the sublime and tearfully recalls the words his father said to him just before he died. - Summary from A&E's ""Dog"" website

1x13 – A Family Feud

The team's visit to Denver is almost over. Working with old friend and local bondswoman Mary Ellen, Dog and his group hunt down a young fugitive wanted on drug charges. His family also begins to make threatening phone calls to Dog and Mary. Later, Dog and the others attend the high school graduation of Tim's son. - Summary from A&E's ""Dog"" website

1x14 – Sons & Daughters

Dog and his team track Virginia Tello. An anonymous tip tells them that a pick-up truck will be going to Virginia's house, so the team tails the truck in true private-eye fashion. - Summary from A&E's ""Dog"" website

1x15 – The Sweep

Dog decides to sweep Hawaii clean by picking up as many fugitives as he can in two days. Raymond is wanted on drug charges, Mauro is wanted for soliciations, and Siamau is tricked into flying back from Los Angeles. - Summary from A&E's ""Dog"" website

1x16 – Stress Management

Dog is after a fugitive named Tracey. She lives at a homeless shelter, but the shelter's staff is hiding her. The two sides get into an angry confrontation, and Dog is forced to temporarily back off. Meanwhile, the team is lead to another fugitive, Daniel, thanks to an informant. - Summary from A&E's ""Dog"" website

1x17 – Where There's Smoke...

Dog hunts down Robert, a low-level drug dealer who rips people off by selling them hedge clippings as marijuana. Meanwhile, Beth chews out Justin when she discovers his cigarette has burned a hole in the dash of her truck, and she and Dog confront him about his smoking. - Summary from A&E's ""Dog"" website

1x18 – Second Chances

Dog captures Paul, an methamphetamine addict, but steers him to a rehab program instead of jail. Meanwhile, one of the family's puppies is taken to a vet, having been attacked by their other dogs, and its chances of recovery seem grim. - Summary from A&E's ""Dog"" website

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