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1x1 – Letting Go

Dr. Brendan 'Mac' McGuire is the head partner at a general practice in the Midland town of Letherbridge with his wife Kate as office manager and a team of young doctors. He is dealing with an elderly couple, Margaret and her husband Derek, who is suffering from the onset of Alzheimer's Disease. After years of marriage she is reluctant to part with him but is persuaded by 'Mac' that he would be better cared for in a home.

1x2 – Coming & Going

Dr. Steve Rawlings finds himself in a dilemma when he suspects that the wife of a man with terminal cancer has committed euthanasia. Dr. Caroline Powers is also in the middle of a delicate situation when she discovers that Noel Kenworth has had a vasectomy but his wife still wants children.

1x3 – Crushed
1x4 – All That Glitters
1x5 – A Life in the Day
1x6 – Picking Up the Pieces
1x7 – God's Will
1x8 – Confidential Information
1x9 – Rub of the Green
1x10 – The Mourning After
1x11 – Second Fiddle
1x12 – Clear View
1x13 – Sex, Lies & Red Tape
1x14 – Cheated
1x15 – Game Over
1x16 – Good to Talk
1x17 – A Matter of Community
1x18 – Mum's the Word
1x19 – Under Pressure
1x20 – Abide with Me

Dr. 'Mac' McGuire warns Margaret Richmond that her daily trips to her husband Derek's care home will probably lead to her exhaustion and warns her to slacken off. She does not listen and ends up crashing her car, meaning that she will not be able to see Derek for a while.

1x21 – Love Is the Drug
1x22 – Control
1x23 – Second Chance
1x24 – Sins of the Mother
1x25 – Late Action Hero
1x26 – Giving It Up
1x27 – Loose Ends
1x28 – With Friends Like These
1x29 – Catch 22
1x30 – Damage Limitation
1x31 – Choices
1x32 – Twist of Fate
1x33 – A Helping Hand
1x34 – A Woman's Right to Choose
1x35 – Slim Chance
1x36 – False Alarm
1x37 – Taking Stock

The surgery staff come in on a Sunday to clear up after the place is vandalized. Caroline has 'witch' painted on the wall of her room.

1x38 – Never Walk Alone
1x39 – Running Costs
1x40 – Baby Love
1x41 – To Have and to Hold

Anoushka discovers she's pregnant, and doesn't know if the father is Steve or Rana.

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