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2pniw1vbwz1sqpgwq3dsyyqmih4 1x1 – Pilot

Suburban couple Francis and Robert consider the state of their marriage after a drama-filled party.

S09jzilrtpgpjmfiduprdrzhanf 1x2 – Next Day

Frances rushes to intercept Robert before he tells the children that she is divorcing him; Diane waits for news on Nick's condition; Frances considers signing a lease to open her art gallery.

U6s3lbddtbwqkhh0iafc9ldghgq 1x3 – Counseling

Robert and Frances attend couples therapy to see if their marriage is salvageable; Frances gets advice from Dallas; Robert vents at work; tensions mount as Frances and Robert try to maintain a facade of normalcy for their children.

Fqqw16dvssgdx7kzad5hifya4ap 1x4 – Mediation

Frances and Robert try to remain amicable as they meet with a mediator; Frances confides in a co-worker; Robert gets some surprising financial news.

6p0t08cxi1kv21ibxdeneqjes2w 1x5 – Gustav

Frances learns that Robert has hired a lawyer; Frances attempts to connect with an influential artist; Robert pitches an investment opportunity to Nick.

6x6vqdjtprqvbpemd1irrzzx2zu 1x6 – Christmas

Frances and Robert try to set aside their differences and make their annual Christmas trip to her parents' house with the children.

Qxmjszg30vz68drndghnuwsdory 1x7 – Weekend Plans

Frances learns that Robert had been misleading about their finances; Robert tries to start dating again.

Tn6mvuo04uuwokhv1kpaxarw9gj 1x8 – Church

Frances tries to get a new job, but is troubled because Robert suddenly seems so happy, in spite of the divorce.

Buijgkj7jo7jliafquktpdcbxho 1x9 – Another Party

Frances takes issue with a lawyer's insinuations of negligence. Dallas makes a connection at Diane and Nick's party.

Prmenevgurlm226tfwr7dzos3p9 1x10 – Detente

Tensions begin to ease between Frances and Robert; Frances' new lawyer makes a move that sends Robert on a vengeful path.

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