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1x1 – Catherine of Aragon

Catherine is widowed at only 16, and after the death of the miserly Henry VII, she happily marries the young handsome Henry VIII, could any two people be so much in love? The years ahead will provide many answers to that question.

1x2 – Anne Boleyn

Queen Catherine is old and can never give Henry a male heir. The king becomes captivated with the sensual and spirited noble woman Anne Boleyn the outcome will shake the nation to its very roots.

1x3 – Jane Seymour

The King is embroiled with the reformation and after the execution of Anne Boleyn he marries the kind and loving, gentlewoman, Jane Seymour, will she provide him with the peace and comfort he needs and even more importantly a male heir?

1x4 – Anne of Cleves

Henry has been a widower for two years but political diplomacy and Thomas Cromwell urge the king to choose Anne of Cleves. Will the match prove a triumph or a disaster?

1x5 – Catherine Howard

Henry is suffering agony with his ulcerated leg .The Duke of Norfolk presents his young and pretty niece Catherine Howard to the King who becomes captivated . Henry soon marries Catherine but will she prove to be his rose without a thorn?

1x6 – Catherine Parr

It is the year 1543 and the King is now grossly fat, semi-lame, and wrinkled. Beset by boredom he longs for a new wife to ease his lonely life, will the twice widowed and scholarly Katherine Parr, fulfill his needs?

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