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1x1 – Das Botschaftsattentat

Diplomat Karla Lorenz is sent to the Philippines by the Foreign Office to find two missing tourists.

1x2 – Entführung in Manila

Islamists storm the German embassy in Tunis and diplomat Karla Lorenz tries to prevent the worst.

1x3 – Jagd durch Prag

The diplomat Karla Lorenz is working on behalf of the Foreign Office around the world to help German citizens in crisis situations.

7kytymhaqoq1h4lcyiqdoz3o9ev 1x4 – Böses Spiel

A young German tourist gets nearly beaten to death in Prague. The main suspect enjoys diplomatic immunity and Karla ensures his release. The suspicion then turns against the clique of the boy.

Bqjazxmxhb0aws4y9cxoosszzeo 1x5 – Tödliches Alibi

As an ambassador in Prague, Karla Lorenz supports a German-Czech prestige project on artificial intelligence in the medical sector. The experienced diplomat should ensure that Germany can take on the second phase of the project as planned. During the presentation at the Future Campus in Prague, which was also well prepared for the press by the Czech State Secretary Zdenek, Karla learns that there are serious problems on the Czech side and that the project is about to end. The public prosecutor's office is investigating fraud and their contact person, the charismatic ...

1x6 – Mord in St. Petersburg

A man with his six-year-old daughter from St. Petersburg who fears for his life lands at BER Airport: the German-Russian journalist Kolja Petrow, a childhood friend of Karla Lorenz. Instead of the diplomat, who knows nothing about his visit, a Russian secret service team awaits him and little Manja. Before the kidnappers catch him, Kolja disappears a data stick and hides Manja in a rental car. When the police discovered the girl shortly afterwards, there was no trace of the kidnapped man. However, a phone number that Kolja wrote on Manja's arm leads to Karla. She is ...

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