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1x1 – Borcherts Fall

Zürich-born Thomas Borchert is a dis-barred lawyer who returns to his home town after a financial scandal in Frankfurt hoping to clear his name. He enlists the help of a family friend's lawyer daughter.

1x2 – Borcherts Abrechnung

Attorney Thomas Borchert awaits his extradition to Germany in a Zürich (Swiss) jail for his part in the FonSonic bribery and fraud scandal (part 1). He declines his former chief Zeidler's promise for a plea bargain and financial reward if he takes all the blame in court. Rising lawyer Dominique Kuster is reluctant to take his defense, but bailed he goes after evidence against his former executive colleague Enrico Strasser in hiding. Then he finds protege Frederic Kuhn staged his own presumed death and must rethink everything, as does police captain Furrer, especially ...

1x3 – Borchert und die letzte Hoffnung

License-suspended Thomas Borchert and Dominique Kuster represent widow Louise Schneider and especially daughter Viola, claiming on feeble grounds medical malpractice killed husband/father Anton Schneider, an MS patient of neurologist Dr. Markus Hoffer. Hoffer and his star lawyer, Borchert's friend Reto Zanger, demand an autopsy, which suggest Anton Schneider committed assisted suicide, with toxic help from someone knowing about his condition. The prosecutor therefore charges the widow, who has access long enough, with homicide. Borchert seeks to clear her, nosing in ...

1x4 – Borchert und die Macht der Gewohnheit

Borchert co-chairs with Dominique Kuster the defense of penniless but smart juvenile weekend robber Tim Ritter, who is reluctant to reveal the identity of his fled cahoot Robin, who just fled after they discovered the fatally stabbed corpse of leading contractor Hubert Thalmann. Police captain Furrer will arrest at least Tim soon, unless they find Thalmann's real murderer first. His brother, attorney Bernard Thalmann, who deeply resented being shoved aside by father's testament in favor of the less competent firstborn, and widow Vera, whose priority seems covering for...

1x5 – Borchert und die mörderische Gier

Borchert and the murderous greed.

1x6 – Borchert und der Sündenfall

Borchert and the sins fall.

1x7 – Borchert und die tödliche Falle

At an arrest date, attorney Kuster falls into the hands of a dangerous hostage-taker. Borchert tries to find out who or what is behind the hostage-taking. Meanwhile, Furrer is negotiating with the hostage-taker.

1x8 – Borchert und der fatale Irrtum

Just now, 17-year-old Stefan Hunziker is happy about the mild judgment that Dominique Kuster brought him out for a fight and now his father has a fatal accident with the car. The police find out that there was only water in the insulin capsule of the diabetic Hunziker - so it is murder. The victim's wife quickly becomes the main suspect. Hunziker had a mistress who was expecting a child from him. A clear motive for murder for Martina Hunziker. However, Borchert does not believe in their guilt and begins to investigate.

1x9 – Borchert und der Tote im See

Borchert's goddaughter is suspected of murder. Borchert tries to convict the real culprit.

1x10 – Borchert und der eisige Tod

"Franz Brosi is innocent ..." - this anonymous message arouses the curiosity of the "lawyer without a license" Thomas Borchert. His clerk, Dominique, immediately knows who it is about: the cabinet maker Brosi was her first client as a public defender and has been in prison for the murder of a young banker for eleven years. She can hardly believe that someone is now claiming his innocence - after all, Brosi had refused her help at the time and made an extensive confession. But Borchert wouldn't be Borchert if he didn't want to get something out of the silent model ...

1x11 – Borchert und der Mord im Taxi

Borchert and Dominique Kuster take over the defense of the taxi driver Jrg Zollinger. Captain Furrer suspects him of the murder of a passenger, the African investigative journalist Nuka Baluba. All the evidence incriminates the uncontrolled suspect, whose testimony initially seems unreliable. Borchert is suspicious of the fact that public prosecutor Dietrich is quick to commit to Zollinger. The "lawyer without a license" suspects that Baluba's research into child labor in cobalt mines in the Congo has something to do with the murder. During his research he came across...

1x12 – Borchert und die Zeit zu sterben

The sudden death of the watch manufacturer Ludwig Sutter causes a tangible inheritance dispute: of all people, his eldest daughter Anna, who as a master watchmaker could and would like to continue running the traditional manufacture Sutter and Valois, remains outside of the succession - all shares go to her younger half-brothers. While the investment banker Michel is hardly interested in horology anyway, the new company boss René is desperately looking for an idea to stay competitive. Anna instructs Borchert and Dominique to challenge the inheritance. But shortly ...

1x13 – Borchert und der verlorene Sohn

Thomas Borchert gets the order from his old friend Antonius Bildermann to draw up a prenuptial agreement for his marriage to the much younger Mira. Who could do that better than the experienced lawyer who still knows the entrepreneur from studying together and the two-man oars? Borchert's ability to convey is also in demand, because there are tensions not only with Antonius '" Ex "Stefanie. Son Julian rejects the stepmother as well as the power shifts in the biotech family company, which is about to set a risky course. Even before Borchert can draw up the ...

1x14 – Borchert und die bittere Medizin

The prospective pharmacist Sina Leuthold puts her willingness to help in the devil's kitchen: When she lets regular customer Reto Zanger, who urgently wants to fill in a prescription for a heart medication shortly after the shop closes, come in, a masked, armed man also gains access. The robber shoots Reto, clears out the drug safe and storms in with his lucrative booty. When the pharmacist Siebert, a friend of Reto's on the golf course, resigns from Sina for breach of duty, she desperately seeks support from Borchert and his boss Dominique. After all, Sina is only ...

1x15 – Borchert und das Geheimnis des Mandanten

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1x16 – Borchert und die dunklen Schatten

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