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1x1 – Mad for Love

1782: George, Prince of Wales, heir to the British throne, approaches his coming-of-age. In his own estimate, he is talented, sensitive, a lover of art - and of women. In the opinion of his father, King George III, however, he is a scandalous, irresponsible, drunken and a lech.

1x2 – Put Not Your Trust in Princes

1786: the Prince has married his beloved Maria FitzHerbert. However, as she is a Catholic, the ceremony is illegal and secret. Meanwhile, the King's health declines and the Prince hopes to become Regent.

1x3 – The Bride from Brunswick

1795: the illegal marriage to Maria is breaking down, his debts are increasing again, so the Prince begins to think the unthinkable. Why not a second, official, marriage? But who will be the bride this time?

1x4 – The Trouble with Women

The Prince now has an "official" wife, Princess Caroline, an unofficial one (Maria FitzHerbert), and a powerful and determined mistress (Lady Jersey). Is it any surprise that he feels besieged by women?

1x5 – Father and Son

1804: the King's health has been good for several years but now there are ominous signs of a relapse into madness: convulsions, delusions, incessant talking. Is it at last time for a Regency?

1x6 – God Save the King

1806: a Delicate Investigation has been ordered into the alleged adultery of Princess Caroline. The Prince sees a chance for divorce from his hated wife. The death of the King's favourite daughter Princess Amelia contributes to a final collapse in his health, and Prince finally assumes the Regency.

1x7 – Milk and Honey

With the Napoleonic Wars now finally over, the Regent decides that it is time for his beautiful and high-spirited daughter, Princess Charlotte, to marry. He has a candidate, the Prince of Orange, but the strong-willed Princess favours another. Her marriage ends in tragedy.

1x8 – Defeat and Victory

In 1820, King George III finally dies, and the Regent, now George IV, prepares for the greatest battle of his life. His adversary is his hated wife Caroline, and he is determined to rid himself of her once and for all.

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