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1x1 – Das Testament

Anna und Markus Voss betreiben eine kleine, aber feine Weinkellerei im badischen Rebland

1x2 – Der Verdacht

Anna's children, who own one third of the family business after Markus's death, show little interest in it. Anna, however, doesn't want them to leave all control to Markus's brother Paul. Paul is starting to fear the exposure of his illegal activities.

1x3 – Die Entdeckung

Anna is becoming aware of the illegal side of the Voss business. Meanwhile Lukas is having an affair with Paul's wife.

1x4 – Die Bedrohung

Anna finds out that parts of the medical equipment produced by the Voss works can be used to manufacture nuclear weapons and confronts Paul about this.

1x5 – Der Rückschlag

When Anna is in hospital after her accident caused by the failing breaks in her car, Robert, the third Voss brother, finally decides to become involved.

1x6 – Das Vermächtnis

Anna and Robert realize that the Voss business is inextricably involved in illegal business and decide to alert the authorities.

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