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1x1 – Schweres Erbe

Undertaker Luc Conrad, formerly a police officer, suspects that the accidental asthma related death of a young mother wasn't an accident. His police officer ex-wife investigates.

1x2 – Treibgut

A black man is found dead floating with a swastika on his forehead. Luc takes the victims son under his care and protection. Fabio helps with the death of a child.

1x3 – Von null auf hundert

A high speed car crash leads the police and Luc to drag racing and family secrets. Fabio falls for the girlfriend of the victim. Dorig and Anna Maria are having issues with each other.

1x4 – Stachel im Fleisch

Conrad continues investigating Mader's death. In doing so he's jailed for Ilgner's death. Anna-Maria succeeds in having him released and they bring the case to a conclusion. A local teacher dies suddenly and two admirers argue over him.

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