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Ls3u4kaqu2zbnmnj1hruqt6af7w 1x1 – Larry Eats a Pancake

Jerry Seinfeld drives his long-time friend and sometimes collaborator in a 1952 Volkswagon Beetle to John O'Groats in Los Angeles for a hot beverage (not necessarily coffee) and some conversation.

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Ccrdtwxpdsoruu3uervbfp3zj4k 1x2 – Mad Man in a Death Machine

Jerry drives his good friend Ricky Gervais in a 1967 Austin-Healey 3000. They have breakfast, including coffee at City Island Diner in City Island NY.

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Jifvl3nn7ezdmex07qjynzf13x7 1x3 – A Monkey and a Lava Lamp

Jerry Seinfeld transports his special guest, Brian Regan in a blue 1970 Dodge Challenger to Rae's Diner in Santa Monica, California for some coffee and conversation.

Avnijps5gltbuflo5avvormrffg 1x4 – Just a Lazy Shiftless Bastard

Jerry drives Alec Baldwin in a 1970 Mercedes 280SL. They have lunch & coffee at Fairway Market Cafe, NYC

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Hkezydthprpaoiqpmelzfdl1yqk 1x5 – A Taste of Hell from on High

Jerry drives Joel Hodgson in a 1963 VW Karmann Ghia to the Skylark Diner in New Jersey.

Iabqhjczzkskbjbjrypg8kqn1x 1x6 – Unusable on the Internet

Jerry takes Bob Einstein for a drive in a 1970 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 6.3 They stop at Jerry's Bowl & Deli in Studio City and Nate 'n Al's Delicatessen in Beverly Hills

4wzlbs0k1bpeaccwdl0vfypg5xo 1x7 – You Don't Want to Offend a Cannibal

Jerry drives his special guest, Ted L Nancy (Barry Marder) in a 1966 Porsche 356 SC Cabrio Dutch Polizei to get coffee at Bendix Diner in Hasbrouck Heights NJ

Ptamgrbcutlhrizjvweoxvrgmfo 1x8 – I Hear Downton Abbey Is Pretty Good...

Jerry drives Colin Quinn in a 1976 Triumph TR6 to Fort Defiance Cafe in Brooklyn NY. Mario Joyner drops by and they all hang out.

Qemv50bbbzchtjizfspfzsjfwsd 1x9 – I Want Sandwiches, I Want Chicken

Jerry Seinfeld and his special guests, Mel Brooks & Carl Reiner, drive a 1960 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II & 1970 Porsche 911S to Norm's Diner in Los Angeles, CA for some coffee.

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Kdmwbxvt6qhshmjj1xkg54rsn5l 1x10 – It's Bubbly Time, Jerry

Jerry gets coffee with Michael Richards and sees Barry Katz on the way.

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