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1x1 – Natsu no owari no sayonara

After losing a couple of baseball games, Akio Furukawa asks Tomoya to invite his friends and hell him win the game.

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1x2 – Itsuwari no ai o sagashite

Mei worries for the brother, in fact he does not yet know what will occupy after completion of school, she decides some time to live at Nagisa. A plan appears at Tomoya, how to compel Mei to think that at Youhei all be well.

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1x3 – Surechigau kokoro

Youhei and Sanae go to the appointment, they are accompanied by Tomoya, Nagisa and Mei. Mei feels still, that her brother is hopeless, in spite of intermingling with a reliable girl, she continues to worry for him.

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1x4 – Anohi to onaji egao de

Youhei does not attend school, from what his friends and Mei begin to worry. Mei, Tomoya and Nagisa go to FC and ask them, that they gave Youhei possibility again to play a soccer command.

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1x5 – Kimi no ita kisetsu

Tomoya and Nagisa come to Youhei. Tomoya fell asleep and saw the past of Misae. When Misae went to senior school, she met a strange boy that was named Katsuki Shima. He it is said that came to her, to carry out her wishes. Misae in love in Igarashi, but he has a girl already.

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1x6 – Zutto anata no soba ni

Shima knows that Katsuki not real. Real Katsuki died, and he is only his cat that accepted his form, to carry out the wishes of Misae. On an autumn festival, Misae decided to think a desire. She wished, that Katsuki always loved her and was with her. Tomoya wakes up. He understands that all of it a cat showed him.

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1x7 – Kanojo no ibasho

Tomoya, Nagisa and Youhei know that Yukine is related to two municipal bands. Her elder brother, Kazuto, leader of one of groupments. A little boy, by name Yu, comes to Yukine, that she helped to find his senior sister. Youhei decides will pretend to be senior brother Yukine. She tells that Kazuto now dead.

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1x8 – Yûki aru tatakai

Tomoya talks Yukine and other, that if bands will continue opposition, them a police will take up. Trying to prevent it, Yukine goes with Tomoya, to persuade the second band to stop opposition. Youhei consents to play the role of Katuzo, but before a battle all are helped to bread from the bakery of Furukawa, that was baked by Sanae. One only Tomoya did not eat bread, guessing about consequences. Yukine tells about death of Katuzo. Both bands come to the grave of Katuzo, where they decide to make peace.

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1x9 – Sakamichi no tochû

The end of school year approaches. Tomoya and his friends discuss the plans on the future. Kyou wants to become a nursery governess in kindergarten, Ryou decides to become train nurse, Kotomi gathers to continue educating in America, and Youhei gathers to become a model. Tomoyadid not yet decide only, that he would do farther. Nagisa falls ill again, that does not allow to walk her in school and go in for exam. In the day of producing, Tomoya comes to her, and she wants to be missed with him, holding on to the hands.

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1x10 – Hajimari no kisetsu

Tomoya decides that it is time reason more independent, he wants to find job; Akio arranges him to work as in a bakery a salesman. Nagisa is left back again, for this time she was able to lead a few new friends, but not able to recover a theatre group. Soon Tomoya moves from home of Furukawa in the own suites of rooms, and also settles down on work in Hikarizaka Electric Company.

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1x11 – Yakusoku no sôritsushasai

Work of Tomoya has both pluses and minuses. He does not want, that his boss knew about the trauma of shoulder. He promises Nagisa, that will come on a festival in honour the day of Founder, but not able.

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1x12 – Totsuzen no dekigoto

Yusuke tells Tomoya a bit about the past, and also about that, how he became acquainted with Koko at senior school. After completion of school, Yusuke decided to become a successful singer, but, in the total, all went not so, and he began to do drug. Tomoya offer new position of manager in a new firm, however suggestion was anniented because his father was detained and arrested. Tomoya is infuriated by that Nayuki it is still succeeded to do for to him life. Later, Tomoya does suggestion of Nagisa, and she consents.

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1x13 – Sotsugyô

Tomoya wants to get a consent to wedding with Nagisa. Nagisa is carried out twenty, she drinks sake first, quickly gets drunk and begins to accuse Tomoya of liking to Sanae. The ailment of Nagisa returns again, from what she has to skip school, fortunately, she is not left back for this time. Later, Tomoya invites her friends and former class-mates to arrange to her the ceremony of handing of diploma at school. Tomoya gets married on Nagisa.

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1x14 – Atarashii kazoku

Nagisa and Tomoya now domestic pair and live together. Nagisa decides to find job and settles down a waitress in a domestic restaurant together with Ryou. Tomoya and Akio masked, decide to visit Nagisa in a restaurant. Sanae it is said that, probably, Nagisa is pregnant. Akio at first comes in fury, but later congratulates Tomoya.

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1x15 – Natsu no nagori ni

Nagisa becomes more bedridden. She wants to bear houses, therefore Sanae invites Yagi, midwife that must help. Later Sanae talks Tomoya, that luing-ins will be not simple. Akio tells Tomoya about a that day, when Nagisa hardly not died. Tomoya and Nagisa going for a walk on a ripa thought of the name for a child.

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1x16 – Shiroi yami

Winter comes and some friends come over for New Year's Day. When Kotomi tells her research about 'Another World', Tomoya spontaneously remembers Nagisa's play. Nagisa enters the final months of her pregnancy, but she becomes sick again. On a heavy snowy day, Nagisa goes into labor two weeks early Tomoya and her family, unable to transport her to a hospital in time, is forced to have her give birth at home. After an excruciating process, Nagisa successfully gives birth to their daughter, Ushio, but the delivery and her illness combined take their toll on her and Nagisa...

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1x17 – Natsujikan

Tomoya has struggled with his grief and Ushio is being raised by Sanae and Akio. One day, Sanae visits Tomoya and persuades him to go on a family trip with them. When the day of the trip arrives, Sanae and Akio go out and do not return, forcing Tomoya to spend time alone with his daughter. The two decide to take the trip themselves.

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1x18 – Daichi no hate

While on the trip, Tomoya buys a toy robot he picks out for Ushio to play with after they arrive in the countryside. The next day, after staying at an inn the previous night, Tomoya and Ushio take a walk through the area and come across a field of flowers. Ushio plays in the field as Tomoya watches, but Ushio soon loses the robot in the field; they try to look for it, but to no avail. Remembering something from his past, Tomoya goes off to another area and meets his grandmother Shino Okazaki, his father's mother. She tells Tomoya how he came here with his father ...

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1x19 – Ieji

Tomoya and Ushio came back from their trip together. After spending a night with Nagisa's parents, they leave for Tomoya's apartment, where they will both be living from now on. Some time later, Tomoya takes a day off from work and the two meet up with Kouko Yoshino, whose sister Fuko Ibuki has finally been released from the hospital. Afterward, Tomoya and Ushio visit Naoyuki. Tomoya manages to convince his father into moving back to the countryside with his mother Shino. While Tomoya and Ushio happily say goodbye to Naoyuki now that his role as a father has come to ...

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1x20 – Shiokaze no tawamure

When Tomoya drives Ushio to kindergarten he meets her nursery governess. Kyou appears her, for them conversation is strung.. After it he leaves on work. Esino asks him, that he let to Foucault to play with Ushio. Tomoya consents and Foucault comes to him home, where plays with Ushio till evening. The next day, Kyou tells Tomoya, that soon sporting competitions will be conducted between parents. At first he does not want to participate, but Ushio overpersuades him. At Ushio a temperature rises and she loses consciousness.

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1x21 – Sekai no owari

Ushio suffers from the same mysterious illness Nagisa suffered that. She talks Tomoya, that again wants to leave in a trip. A month passes, Ushio is still ill, Tomoya decides to go away from work, to conduct more than time with her. Akio decides to give money to him, but Tomoya refuses. A winter comes over the months, the fever of Ushio does not think to retreat. Tomoya can not find to itself rest both from illness and from financial problems. Ushio asks once again, that they left in a trip, but Tomoya consents for this time. Since they go out a house, Ushio does not ...

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1x22 – Chiisana te no hira

Returning on a hill, Tomoya sees Nagisa, but does not decide to begin to speak with her, remembering everything that, their acquaintance resulted in what. At the supreme moment, he decides to hail her. Nagisa soviet, that he did it and promises, whatever Tomoya will feel sorry about this meeting. Afterwards, Nagisa carries Tomoya in time. Tomoya comes to oneself in the moment of birth of Ushio, but for this time Nagisa, by wonderful character, survives. After it, Nagisa and Tomoya see in a window, as a countless amount of lights rises from all city.

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1x23 – Bangai hen: Ichinenmae no dekigoto

For a year to beginning of events of basic history, Tomoya begins to study in the second class of senior school, and Nagisa - in the third. At Nagisa, as usual, problems with being of friends, and Youhei with Tomoya from a boredom jolly above Kyou.

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1x24 – Sôshû hen: Midori no ki no shitade

A sequel to the recently wrapped anime based on the Key Clannad franchise. After Story is a path that opens in the original visual novel after all the other paths have been opened. Life continues on for Tomoya. A few months have passed since he confessed his love to Nagisa. Now entering the second semester, he continues to meet a variety of different people, expanding his own world in the process. As well, Tomoya and Nagisa's relationship begins to enter a level of intimacy unlike before. Through his relationship with Nagisa, and his various encounters, Tomoya begins ...

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1x25 – Another World: Kyou Chapter

Tomoya finds himself in love triangle with two Fujibayashi sisters.

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Tomoya gestand Nagisa seine Liebe und ihre Schulzeit neigt sich allmählich dem Ende. „After Story“ behandelt einen Zeitraum über mehrere Jahre hinweg, in dem Tomoya und Nagisa eine Familie gründen und sich den Problemen des Alltags stellen müssen.
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Wir alle kennen die Prämisse romantischer Animes. Ein oftmals männlicher Protagonist vernarrt sich in eine Schulkameradin, Kollegin oder Nachbarin und verbringt die restliche Laufzeit der Serie damit sich seinen Gefühlen klar zu werden, um ihr am Ende zu beichten, was er empfindet. Wo viele Animes abrupt enden, weil die Genrekonvention den Drehbuchautoren genau an jener Stelle das etablierte Ende abverlangt, sticht „Clannad“ mit seiner zweiten Staffel „Clannad – After Story“ hervor und verwandelt im Nachhinein das Gesamtwerk namens „Clannad“ in ein fast schon qualvoll herzzerreißendes Meisterwerk.

Ähnlich wie schon die erste Staffel „Clannad“ beginnt auch „Clannad – After Story“ mit dem Fokus auf Nebenfiguren, wie Tomoyas bestem Freund Sunohara, der Mitschülerin Yukine und der Aufseherin des Jugendheims Misae. Während Tomoya in diesen Handlungssträngen eine Schlüsselrolle spielt, wird Nagisa spürbar in den Hintergrund gerückt; das Auftreten der Nebenfiguren aus der ersten Staffel (Kyou, Kotomi, Tomoyo) wird gar auf ein absolutes Minimum reduziert. Dennoch beeindrucken, wie auch schon beim Vorgänger, diese Sidestorys mit den komplexen Themen, die behandelt werden und ihrem erfrischenden Tiefgang. Vor allem Sunoharas Handlungsstrang verleiht seinem Charakter, der in „Clannad“ noch die Position des Comic Reliefs einnahm und nur ab und zu für Lacher sorgen sollte, Substanz und Authentizität.

Trotz all dem gnadenlosen Drama kann „Clannad – After Story“, wie die erste Staffel schon, nicht wirklich seine kitschigen Wurzeln verbergen. Wenn ein Charakter auf einem Hügel stehend eine Rede darüber hält, wie sie die vergangenen Jahre nur dank der Hilfe ihrer Freunde überstehen konnte, sie dabei weint und Kirschblüten gemeinsam mit ihrem Haar im Wind wehen, ist der Schmalz kaum zu übersehen. Doch es wirkt! Im Kontext der Handlung und die Emotionen, die der Zuschauer bis zu diesem Punkt in „Clannad“ investiert hat, mit ein berechnend, entwickeln diese objektiv betrachteten Gefühlsduseleien eine enorme seelische Wucht, die dem Publikum mit Leichtigkeit einen ekelhaften Kloß in den Hals schleudern.

Vollkommen kitschbefreit zeichnen sich die Autoren fähig, wichtige Lebensweisheiten, Erfahrungen und Tugenden zu vermitteln. Die Bedeutung von Familie, Vaterschaft, die Übernahme von Verantwortung, etc sind Inhalt dieser Messages. Da der Protagonist Tomoya im Grunde diese aus erster Hand erfährt, bildet er eine effektive Brücke und leitet diese Botschaften zum Zuschauer. Sehr sympathisch wird „Clannad – After Story“, wenn Schwangerschaft, Heirat und Sex für Diskussionsstoff sorgen, die mit hervorragender Inszenierung und aberwitzigen Dialogen nicht nur zu unterhalten, sondern den Zuschauer auch miteinzubeziehen wissen, da sich jeder schon mal in solch peinlichen Situationen wiederfand. Leider stellt sich der Anime etwas dumm und viel zu keusch an, gerade wenn es um Intimitäten und Sex geht. Nicht einmal einen Kuss bekommt der Zuschauer zu sehen, Händchenhalten ist da das Höchste der Gefühle. Dies vermittelt den surrealen und unbefriedigenden Eindruck, dass bewusst Szenen behindert wurden, was eine relativ starke Konservativität des Animes zur Folge hat.

Auf Vollgas tretend in den „Drama“-Modus schaltet „Clannad – After Story“, wenn die Nebenhandlungen behandelt wurden und die Hauptgeschichte sich wieder Tomoya und Nagisa widmet. Mit geschicktem Einsatz von Musik und hervorragenden Animationen, wissen die Autoren vorbildlich die bald anstehende Tragödie anzukündigen, sodass über mehrere Folgen hinweg ständig diese düstere Atmosphäre im Hintergrund auflauert. Es ist die nervenzerfetzende Handlung nach der Tragödie, die aus „Clannad“ mehr als nur einen Anime macht.

Zündstoff für Diskussionen unter Anime-Fans lieferte indes das Ende, welches mit seinem plötzlichen radikalen Einschub von Fantasy-Elementen mit der gnadenlos realen Attitüde, die die Serie bis dahin auszeichnete, bricht und ein zwanghaftes Happy Ending einbringt. Trotz guter Inszenierung und Ausführung des Endes, ist es bedauernswert, dass den Autoren der Mut für ein tragisches Ende fehlte. Ob man mit dem Ende zufrieden ist oder nicht, ist jedoch eine subjektive Angelegenheit, die jeder für sich selbst entscheiden muss.


Selbst unter den größten Hardcore-Anime-Fans gilt „Clannad“ als ein absolutes Meisterwerk und als eine Perle des Genres. Was nach der ersten Staffel noch nicht absehbar war, offenbart sich am Ende der zweiten mit vehementer Härte. Man weiß, dass man hier etwas ganz Besonderes erleben durfte, wenn man in sprichwörtlich allen Episoden nach der 16. Folge so sehr weint, dass man beim Versuch das Schluchzen zu unterdrücken sich beinahe selbst erstickt. Wenn man nach dem Konsum eines Animes fast schon sein Leben in „Prä-Clannad“ und „Post-Clannad“ einteilt und selbst Wochen danach die Glockenspiel-Klänge des „Dango“-Liedes allein einem wieder die Tränen in die Augen treiben. Im Nachhinein betrachtet wertet „Clannad – After Story“ die Vorgängerstaffel enorm auf und macht mehr als nur deutlich, dass diese ohne die abschließende Geschichte um Tomoya und Nagisa unvollendet ist. „Clannad“ ist ein Anime-Meisterwerk in Form einer emotionalen Achterbahn, die euch zwingt Gefühle in die Charaktere zu investieren, nur um euch am Ende von „After Story“ das Herz samt Eingeweide aus dem Leib zu reißen. Wie Frodo einst sagte: „Wie knüpft man an, an ein früheres Leben? Wie macht man weiter, wenn man tief im Herzen zu verstehen beginnt, dass man nicht mehr zurück kann?“. Ich weiß es auch nicht.

Kritik: Kadir Güngör

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