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1x1 – Pilot

April learns that she has cancer just as things are taking off in her career and love life.

1x2 – Help Wanted

April gets a new assignment at work and reports to a new supervisor, Raquel. Sarah urges Brenna to get an after-school job to learn more about responsibility.

1x3 – Blood Cancer Sex Carrots

April attends a cancer support group.

1x4 – I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

April attends a gala for work and both Leo and Dominick are at the party.

1x5 – The Family That Lies Together

April's family calls an intervention when they grow concerned she has become a drug addict.

1x6 – Clear Minds, Full Lives, Can't Eat!

Sara micromanages April's treatment.

1x7 – Unplanned Parenthood

April starts fertility treatment.

1x8 – Death Becomes Her

April takes her first day off of work.

1x9 – What to Expect When You're Expecting Chemo

April's secret comes out at work and her family helps her prepare for treatment.

1x10 – Finding Chemo

April experiences side effects from chemotherapy.

1x11 – Locks of Love

The Carver family plans a special "Christmas in June" surprise to cheer April up.

1x12 – Next April

April returns to work after a 4-month absence and she gets a new boss and a new assignment. Meanwhile, Brenna looks forward to Greer's return. And Sara searches for Natalie's mother, to help April address a medical concern.

1x13 – Guess Who's Coming to Donate

The Carvers try to convince Natalie to be April's bone marrow donor.

1x14 – Cancer Friends with Benefits

April tries to make a new start with Leo; Dominic and April spend an awkward evening together covering the same news event; George and Natalie share unexpected news with the Carvers.

1x15 – April Just Wants to Have Fun

April tries to prove she can still be a fun twenty-something.

1x16 – The Big Leagues

April breaks a story that also involves Leo. Brenna, Kieran and Greer spend the night at Alchemy.

1x17 – Model Behavior

April deals with the aftermath of her article and is forced to go on national TV to defend it.

1x18 – Rest in Peace

April seeks advice from a Rabbi at her friend's bat mitzvah. Brenna and Sara don't see eye to eye on her future.

1x19 – Life, Actually

April and Beth confide their doubts about each other's boyfriends and decide to arrange a double date to get to know the guys better.

1x20 – No News Is Bad News

As the competition heats up at work, pitting April and Danny against each other for the next big scoop, April starts to wonder if she is willing to sacrifice everything for success in her career. Meanwhile, Sara is faced with having to sort through Thomas' belongings from his house in Florida, but she uses it as an opportunity to reach out to Natalie, and to George. Natalie and Dominic feel guilty about their secretive relationship, and they resolve to come clean to April.

1x21 – One Day

April fights to stay strong after receiving unwelcome news; sweeping changes at the newspaper put April's job in jeopardy; Brenna learns she is a bone marrow match for an unknown patient.

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