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Dtkedjoqsvwbhnmx6nlltw8lurn 1x4 – Episode 4

Show and Tell, marching band, silly games and icebergs in the Antarctic.

Owo6tefn4uwcsyyjjlo20kgq0lu 1x5 – Episode 5

Caillou goes on his very first waterslide in "Caillou and the Waterslide;" in "Caillou the Sailor, " Caillou learns all about old ships; and in "Creepy Crawlies, " Caillou teaches Rosie about bugs.

O0x4fvidejhwfxbkbeadudhlzbz 1x6 – Episode 6

Just like his Daddy, Caillou loves anything to do with trucks, so he's very happy when Dad asks him to help wash the family truck. And while he sits in the truck, he imagines he's driving a truck to the beach. When he beeps the horn, he surprises Dad, making him accidentally turn the hose on himself. Later on, when the family really goes for a drive to the beach, Caillou is reminded of his imaginary journey.

O7kmwtih6q9igscduahhtsmovyg 1x12 – Episode 12

In Caillou Outdoors, Caillou makes a scarecrow to protect his garden, takes a roadtrip with his family and plays with a special visitor named Alan who has Down's Syndrome.

Wlxkpi0v85ho26udrip0pkucpvn 1x14 – Caillou in der Badewanne - Der Schulbus

It's bathtime, and for Caillou that means trouble. He just doesn't like taking baths. But bit by bit bathtime turns into playtime, thanks to Daddy, a motorboat and a big bottle of bubble bath.

Mvculp4nflal3o3cwhyfohhtzae 1x15 – Caillou verkleidet sich - Caillou übernachtet bei Leo

Mom's doing the laundry and Caillou decides to get dressed all by himself. The problem is, he doesn't have any clean clothes to wear. So Daddy suggests a dressing-up game with some of his old clothes. Pretty soon Caillou's not only all dressed up, he even has a moustache to go with his fancy outfit.

Uipujptjwgs8umfjucah7tjng3t 1x16 – Caillous Teddy-T-Shirt - Caillou fällt vom Fahrrad

Caillou's favourite t-shirt has teddy bears all over it. It's his teddy shirt. One day he sees Rosie wearing it and he gets very upset. But he has to admit that he's getting too big for the teddy shirt. In fact, he can hardly get into it. But he doesn't really want Rosie to have it, so he gives it to his favourite teddy bear to wear.

A5rbvohrzqq1hg816tcmvf7x8a6 1x17 – Caillou geht allein spazieren - Caillous toller Treffer

Caillou enjoys a game with Mr. Hinkle, a trip to the retirement home with his grandmother, and playing in the park with his friends.

Fjfjoouokvicb4rcjsozfhdqwcn 1x18 – Episode 18

Caillou is at Grandpa and Grandma's house. He goes looking for a special hiding place and gets stuck in a kitchen closet. Grandpa shows Caillou an extra special place: a hollow tree trunk. Caillou discovers an old toy in the hiding place and learns that it used to be his Daddy's hiding place when he was Caillou's age.

Qgotstj7i08j3ko7slwobxebcen 1x19 – Episode 19

It's Caillou's birthday and he's having a little party. His friends Clementine and Leo come to play with him and they all have face paint disguises. What Caillou really wants for his birthday is a special dinosaur. By the time the party's over he unexpectedly has two of them!

Kv859lsep7vrkqxesidsgm0pc0c 1x20 – Episode 20

Caillou has nobody to play with, so he recruits Gilbert his cat. He tries to get Gilbert to play his favourite games, but Gilbert isn't interested in the slightest. When Mom points out that Caillou has been trying to get the cat to play people games, he realizes that Gilbert probably wants to play kitty cat games.

5hc53snsotv3r25mc6ezyyqhwjk 1x21 – Episode 21

Caillou is tossing and turning. No matter what he does he just can't get to sleep. It's summer and his curtains are at the cleaners. Luckily Grandma has a wonderful idea: She makes a cardboard cutout night sky to put against the window. It darkens the room and projects the moon and the stars onto his walls and ceiling. Caillou falls asleep in no time.

N7aglhb6xbvbyfzmayzepm2gxp 1x23 – Episode 23

Caillou and his family go to the zoo. Caillou is thrilled to see that animals have families too. He sees a baby rhino and a big family of chimpanzees. But his absolute favourite is a young sea otter which has to be taught how to swim.

9wqi3q19iz3zw0qhpfkeerncp3s 1x24 – Episode 24

It's a rainy day and Caillou is looking forward to jumping in all the puddles when he goes out with his Mummy. But somehow or other, it takes Caillou a very long time to get ready to go out. There's always something else he has to do before he can leave. So by the time he does leave, it's stopped raining. But there are still some puddles to splash in.

Mjzijwmibxro7lir0rjdhegu4rs 1x25 – Episode 25

Caillou and his family are spending the day at the beach. There's so much to see and do! Caillou and Dad go into the water; a seagull tries to steal Caillou's sandwich; Caillou sees a hermit crab and finally he and Dad build a sand castle.

9lwsz2eulajyvpqdt4lhvkovpxg 1x26 – Episode 26

Caillou goes with Mom to buy a new pair of shoes. On the way he sees Sarah running fast. He decides he wants a pair of shoes he can run in. First, the salesman has to measure his feet. Eventually he picks exactly the right pair and he shows Sarah just how fast he can run.

2km7rxdukfcyyxdcwm6xphxjblm 1x28 – Episode 28

Caillou is very excited because he's going to a parade with horses, drummers and clowns. But Rosie is afraid of clowns so Mom isn't sure it's a good idea to go. Caillou is upset because he thinks he'll miss the parade just because of that. And then he has a good idea: If he shows Rosie that clowns are just people wearing silly costumes, she won't be afraid any more.

B9ws6u9foxi00cxto7c8tjb5bnm 1x30 – Episode 30

It's fall and the back yard is covered in leaves. Caillou and Rosie have so much fun playing in the leaves that he doesn't want to go into the house. He asks Dad if he can help him rake the leaves into piles. When they've made piles of piles, Caillou pretends the piles of leaves are houses and cities.

Pj440ufmqebk8feq6jgmfmg6d3p 1x32 – Episode 32

Caillou is visiting Grandma's house and he's not in a very good mood. While Grandma goes into the kitchen, Caillou starts to make a finger painting with Grandma's blue paint and pretty soon he's using all of Grandma's colours, and feeling much, much better.

2py7vjhztq1nlxvgkblpqpinzar 1x33 – Episode 33

Mum is upset when the postman only brings bills, bills and more bills. She tells Caillou she'd love to get a nice letter for a change. Caillou and Dad decide to make a nice letter for her and early the next morning they give it to the mailman to deliver. Mom is thrilled to get such a nice letter from Caillou.

6kksn5z6cdcxl6c0bqikehm6sph 1x36 – Episode 36

Mum and Dad are going out. Caillou wants his regular babysitter, not Julie, whom he has never met before. He's sure he isn't going to like her. He gives Julie a hard time, refusing to eat his supper. But then Julie turns suppertime into a game and serves breakfast instead. Long before Mum and Dad come home, Caillou has decided he likes his new babysitter after all.

Qkdbddcsevlnfikgr4fvulnpuci 1x38 – Episode 38

Caillou makes pizza for dinner with his family. Mummy and Daddy are gone overnight and Grandpa and Grandma are babysitting. Caillou is hesitant to try bowling, until he gets to the bowling alley and sees how much fun his friend, Sarah, is having while bowling.

Tmtdidgjimkdpkwacytf5hyf4an 1x39 – Episode 39

Mum and Rosie are out for the day and that means Caillou and Dad will spend the day together "taking care of business." Caillou likes having Dad all to himself and the two of them make a bookshelf for Mum and go out for a bike ride together, the way Caillou likes it: just the two of them, Caillou and Dad.

Ziizozvmwj4asvzda72xbjxc0ff 1x41 – Episode 41

Caillou and his family have a wonderful day out at a theme park. Caillou and Dad go on the thrilling Niagara River Ride, they all go on a Ferris wheel and for a special treat they have cotton candy for dessert. The perfect day is made even better when Dad tosses rings at a midway booth and wins the biggest teddy bear Caillou has ever seen.

Blblaxak9ohzv1rnzw5bwdai2fs 1x42 – Episode 42

Caillou doesn't go to school yet but he really wants to ride on the school bus that stops outside his house every morning. When Dad takes him to see the bus from close up the driver offers to take Caillou with the other children the next day. Caillou makes a special painting for the driver and they have a marvellous ride.

5g1avwehjwkqvt1fhh4vexlmxbb 1x43 – Episode 43

Caillou is having a game of dinosaur hunter with Gilbert the cat. He goes for a snack and when he comes back there's no sign of Gilbert. He's disappeared! Mom says Caillou will have to be a detective and together they search the house, looking for clues. Eventually they find Gilbert curled up and fast asleep in Caillou's bed.

47abqh2p5butqfek9nsdavuxiyq 1x45 – Episode 45

Caillou wants to wear his favourite socks, but one of them is missing. When he goes looking in the basement he accidentally gets himself locked in. Daddy to the rescue! Only now they're both locked in! Caillou and Dad shout to attract Mum's attention. She comes and lets them out, they find the missing sock.

163lghjrczmg3xokqugmtqlpmqn 1x47 – Episode 47

Caillou is excited because Clementine is coming over for a playdate. Unfortunately for him, Clementine begins to go through his stuffed animals and have a tea party, when his idea of fun is to play with dinosaurs. Caillou throws a fit and screams in her face, and, oblivious to this, Clementine suggests the dinosaurs be their children, making Caillou run crying to Mommy. Caillou apologizes to Clementine, and Clementine's older brother, Billy, a baseball champion, comes over to play catch and have juice soon after that.

Uv9l5j3am6mhphcuetfhlcnrjjb 1x48 – Episode 48

Caillou is very curious when he finds a dead bird in the garden. He wants to know why it died. Dad explains that it probably got too old. Caillou thinks about that and begins to worry about getting too old himself. He tells Mom and Dad he doesn't want to get any older because of what happened to the bird. They reassure him and he agrees he has plenty of time to get older.

Tktkhm4mggogbdp9r48si6bbsr4 1x49 – Episode 49

Caillou is playing in the park with Clementine. She's a lot more confident about most things than he is and she isn't at all scared to go on the big kids' slide. Caillou is frightened, but he can't bring himself to admit it to Clementine. She teases him anyway. When Dad comes to fetch Caillou they go down the slide together. Caillou discovers it isn't so scary after all and does it all by himself.

Y5zohx8178ayotybuiuxsf7daho 1x50 – Episode 50

Grandma is looking after her friend's dog again. She shows Caillou how to walk the puppy on a leash and how to play 'fetch' with a ball. Caillou loves having the puppy obey his orders and pesters Mom and Dad for a dog of his own. They say he already has a pet: Gilbert. Maybe when he's a bit older he can have a dog. Caillou understands and in the meantime he attaches a leash to a toy dog and proudly walks it around the house.

Bvus3vkswlrbywqa3yd8b63zoe0 1x52 – Episode 52

Caillou has a fever. Then he gets itchy spots. Chicken pox! He's not very comfortable and he has to take special baths to soothe the itching. He knows he's not supposed to scratch but he just can't help himself. When he sees Rosie playing in the garden he wants to play with her and can't wait to get better.

Dzfmrn4qzgfxkol22e8e0rna82r 1x53 – Episode 53

When Mum is busy on the phone all morning and doesn't have time for Caillou he feels very left out of things. He plays with his toy phone and then talks to Grandma on the real phone. He likes talking on the phone, it makes him feel very grown up.

Dmmhdqhhmlin1eotq1xmfbmyj7v 1x54 – Episode 54

Caillou is going to spend the night away from his home and family for the very first time. He goes to Leo's house and has a lot of fun in Leo's tree house, but at bedtime he's feeling lonely and homesick. Leo's mom suggests he should phone home. He feels much better when he speaks to his Mummy and even better when she reminds him he has his teddy bear with him.

Ee9ewng0yawwx8htxymx4lqotmw 1x55 – Episode 55

Caillou thinks his sister Rosie is getting favourable treatment and it just isn't fair! Mum explains to him that Rosie is just a baby and can't do a lot of the things she asks him to do. Caillou decides being a baby is better than being four and pretends to be a baby, until Mom tells both her babies it's time for a nap. Maybe being four is better than being a baby after all!

4muem238ob8w8sk5fpstszfgahd 1x56 – Episode 56

It's Caillou's first flight and he's curious about everything. He loves looking out of the window at the ground below; he likes playing with the music system; breakfast on a plane is an adventure in itself and when the pilot invites him to visit the flight deck with Daddy that's the best of all!

Omzmp9vqobp29ogtvxwlplnkhjs 1x59 – Episode 59

Mum is putting on her makeup to go out with Dad and that gives Caillou an idea for a game. He takes one of Rosie's dolls and tries to make it look as pretty as his Mum, with disastrous results. He's ashamed, so he hides the doll. At first he tries to pretend he doesn't know where it is, but he quickly admits the truth and all is well again.

Coexbfmvenxbsfp05quknowtdlg 1x60 – Episode 60

Poor Caillou! He's fallen off his bike and scraped his knee. The mishap has hurt his knee and his pride too. He needs the special touch of Mum's first aid. When she puts on Caillou's special band-aids, the ones with the dinosaur pattern, he begins to feel much better.

Xwbn8ont90f2tpob7q9mskeokfn 1x61 – Episode 61

Caillou's big friend André has come to visit. André's a soccer player and Caillou wants to play too. Only Caillou isn't very good at kicking the ball. Sometimes he misses altogether, sometimes it only goes a few inches. He wants to give up, but André and Dad encourage him and eventually he makes the biggest kick of the day.

1x63 – Episode 63

There's a special event at Caillou's daycare. Leo, Clementine and Caillou are getting ready to be in a play. They enjoy dressing up and rehearsing and they enjoy it even more when their parents come to see the show.

Uk1g2nyq2vdmfmyvkj1gd4bv5r2 1x65 – Episode 65

Caillou invites Leo to go on a family picnic. After lunch they go exploring in the woods and discover an old tree trunk that has fallen down. They pretend that they are brave knights and the tree trunk is a bad dragon. When it begins to rain, Caillou and Leo bravely lead the family to safety.

1x67 – Caillou's Missing School

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1x68 – Caillou Breaks His Window

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