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1x1 – Terror at Manicouagan

In the middle of a hockey game, Herbert Gaines, a CIA agent and acquaintance of Bob collapses. The cause: curare poisoning. Bob recognizes the perpetrator as his old enemy.

1x2 – The Secret of the Antarctic

Great excitement as professor Clairembart discovers the legendary City of Ice behind a thick wall of ice and debris.

1x3 – Three Little Monkeys

An airplane chartered by an American secret agent explodes in mid-flight. The briefcase he was carrying ends up in the middle of the jungle with a tacky earthenware statuette representing the legendary three little monkeys. Bob must retrieve this precious possession at all costs.

1x4 – The Dinosaur Hunters

Bob finds his friend Frank, an expert hunter, in the Cretaceous period when dinosaurs still ruled the earth.

1x5 – Operation Wolf

A crippled scientist prepares for a trial run of the Wolf, a device capable of transforming any radioactive substance into water. But the site is infiltrated by a dangerous stranger.

1x6 – Solar System Sentinels

Sophia is on an assignment in the Highlands of Scotland. Then she makes an amazing discovery: a flying saucer.

1x7 – Vapours from the Past

The vapors emitted by Mount Riskamook as it erupts have hallucinogenic properties. Whoever inhales them, sees prehistoric animals. Driven by curiosity, Bob decides to visit the strange mountain.

1x8 – Teeth of the Tiger

Some Yeti-footprints have been found in the Himalayas. Sophia is determined to get some exclusive photos of these elusive creatures.

1x9 – Harvest of Disaster

The Yoranga Indians are the most peaceful people on earth. And yet it is Yorangas who attack Bob and Bill in their hotel room in San Pedro.

1x10 – The Mysterious Dr. Xhatan

Doctor Xhatan is bold enough to have Jane Sotesby, an heiress, kidnapped from right under Bob's nose. Xhatan also threatens to destroy everybody in sight if his demands are not met.

1x11 – Xhatan, Master of Light

Bob Morane faces a demented Xhatan who wishes to fulfill the great destiny promised him in the Book of Prophecies. The Master of Light has invented a device, the Ovonix, which absorbs light and stores it in an artificial sun hidden beneath the Louvre.

1x12 – The Crown of Golconda

Professor Clairembart discovers the crown of Genghis Khan and asks Bob to help him. Their quest to bring the crown back leads them into a confrontation with a strange, eerie monk.

1x13 – The Yellow Shadow

Ming, also known as The Yellow Shadow, is blackmailing the British authorities. He even threatens to set off the nuclear warheads spread along the English coast. Alerted by the authorities, Bob Morane has no intentions of giving in to this blackmail.

1x14 – Sword of the Paladin

Bob's manor house is haunted by a ghost of the beautiful Ysabel de Mauregaurd - will he defeat her or fall in love with her?

1x15 – Revenge of the Yellow Shadow

In the process of solving the mystery of the Egyptian water hyacinths, Bob Morane sees his friend Bill attacked by an army of mechanical hands controlled by Ming.

1x16 – Judgement of the Yellow Shadow

Bill has seen Bob disappear into the waters of the Nile. Fueled by this image, he relentlessly pursues a single goal: to avenge Bob's death.

1x17 – The Towers of Crystal

The Muvian civilization disappeared 10,000 years ago, victims of a nuclear attack. Colonel Graigh entrusts Bob Morane and his friends with the mission of investigating the circumstances of their disappearances.

1x18 – Terror Commandos

A secret experimental aircraft has caused a breech in the space-time continuum. Bob and Bill must enter the 4th dimension to try to seal the breech but discover that Ylang Ylang is behind the scenes.

1x19 – Return of the Yellow Shadow

Although believed to be dead, Ming reappears in Monaco to kidnap his niece Tanya and bring her to Rangoon. With the help of Sophia, Bob picks up their trail, and discovers that in his Burmese hideout, Ming seems to have discovered the secret of immortality.

1x20 – Puppets of the Yellow Shadow

Strange mechanical dolls lure Bob Morane below Chinatown in San Francisco. In this underground labyrinth Ming has installed one of his duplicators. But it has malfunctioned and created a mad Ming, who reigns over a kingdom of amusement-park rides, populated by dolls.

1x21 – Rendezvous Nowhere

Nowhere is nowhere. Except for Doctor Xhatan. He has reconstructed an illusory Nowhere City, a small western village from the last century.

1x22 – Operation Atlantis

Professor Harrambour has built a submarine using a new material called kearnalumine. It will allow him and Bob to reach Atlantis. But Ylang Ylang wants the formula. An epic struggle ensues on the ocean floor among the giant octopus and floating mines.

1x23 – The Walls of Ananke

Ananke means fate. A wall adorned with a rose marks the entrance into the universe of Ananke. Once it has been crossed, it is impossible to cross back. Sophia Paramount unexpectedly finds herself in this limbo and Bob has to find a way out.

1x24 – The Perils of Ananke

Still trapped in the city of Ananke, Bob, Bill and Sophia find sir Edward's tracks. Shortly after, Bob mysteriously disappears underground.

1x25 – The Angels of Ananke

Still trapped in the world of Ananke, Bob, Bill and Sophia cross through another wall and end up in a vast plain littered with corpses that are half-embedded in the ground.

1x26 – The Last Wall

The last episode in the Ananke stories begins with Bob, Bill, and Sophia still trapped in this strange universe.

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