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Ebkpfsjcukxxv7cuytyh264rjeq 1x1 – Flucht

The crown prince and princess of Norway, Olav and Märtha, are forced to flee when Nazi Germany launches a surprise attack on the 9th of April 1940. With Germans on their tail they have to make a decision which weighs heavily on their shoulders.

Arn4czgdxdurqieprjkbhvwodg4 1x2 – Der Thron

The king and crown prince retreat to London and arrange for crown princess Martha and the children to take a boat from Finland to the United States.

Dz1lzyxizr0enhqzzjlsypdswr7 1x3 – Die Atlantiküberquerung

Roosevelt extends a special invitation to Martha and her children, while bombs fall on Olav and the king in London.

2uxrqzhvetkh938wgxildzcecru 1x4 – America First

Martha is pressured to exploit her friendship with the president. Roosevelt defies isolationists to push the Lend-Lease act. Martha and the children get a surprise Christmas present.

2izche4sgnhfetpcqatfp51b57p 1x5 – Verbündete

Martha uses dinner-table tactics to help Norway. The first lady gives Martha unusual lessons in public speaking. The president gets on dangerous ground with Martha.

X0nxzs3f7gai9pdksxk6ixhnzsy 1x6 – Der Wendepunkt

America enters the war, and Olav arrives from England. Missy grows suspicious of ties between Roosevelt and Martha, as does Olav. Meanwhile, a dastardly Nazi plot unfolds.

Wdq3a2hi5kc1lr1nme0jocpi54j 1x7 – Das Geschenk

A Nazi agent slips through the cracks, putting the children at risk. Martha travels to England and gets a shock. A Norwegian war hero meets a tragic fate.

N9expmiqqygrojeqirhdluu4axk 1x8 – Eine Königin kehrt zurück

Roosevelts health declines and Olav tries to stay out of the Soviet sphere of influence.

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