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Zawoflabo7xcwwje5fhvs7wtmd5 1x1 – Keller

Russian prostitutes are turning up dead (or very nearly dead) in Lapland, Finland. They seem to be infected with a deadly virus. The local cops team up with the Russian cops, but are quickly bumped off the case.

Xhuvke3cytqyta0mbmbnt1krkms 1x2 – Spuren im Schnee

The cops and the health departments share information and form a fragile alliance - but the bodies keep piling up. The scale of the danger from the virus becomes apparent - and the Russians are coming.

Atouhsf5wtakkqewd130o3k5di9 1x3 – Ein Sturm kommt auf

An illicit office romance, a deadbeat dad, a suspicious wife, a party loving sister - and more dead bodies. It's getting steamy in the snow.

1hy3x6b0szhlgpi9tcwiuxrlm4o 1x4 – Auge um Auge

Interest in the virus stretches beyond just government departments. The doctor's wife shows up unexpectedly. One of the captive prostitutes makes a break for it.

Eee8tmvujoa3gatfpvoksgvcbpm 1x5 – Gott ist gut

The German research doctor is called on to deliver a baby. The escaped prostitute makes it to the hospital. The church is reluctant to cooperate in the blood testings. Little sister falls off the wagon.

7go0zcwpko5fpkybrjwdapmstaz 1x6 – Das erste Opfer

The Russian girl starts talking to the Finnish police, but at what cost? The role of the Russian Mafia becomes clearer. The illicit romance gets stronger and more dangerous.

Ofi8txqxdpp3ygye3j82xlamidx 1x7 – Mäusefänger

The doctor's wife reacts badly to being cheated on. The police woman fails to keep a promise to her daughter. Patient Zero remains elusive.

Wcxm40tkbwazmagivpkhxwurcy0 1x8 – Träger

Patient Zero is apparently revealed. The virus mutates and is substantially more dangerous. The doctor's visitation with his daughter raises hackles. The policewoman's daughter takes a sharp turn for the worse.

Wa8ylgcuc6vzzymzelqiznjpipo 1x9 – Murmansk

The dangerous mission into Russia to secure 'Patient Zero' gets underway. The policewoman's daughter needs a life saving operation.

Cs6jba9v7ac4xzpgp7mz7jmlzpe 1x10 – Venla

Guess who donated the liver. Yep, your right. Loose ends the up nicely in the exciting finale.

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