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1x1 – The Nemean Lion

Deunan, Briareos, and the rest of Olympus' ES.W.A.T. force fend off an Argonaut attack.

1x2 – The Augean Stables

Deunan and Briareos are sent to end a hostage situation on a plane with 3000 passengers. Except, when they arrive, the entire plane is eerily empty...

1x3 – The Ceryneian Hind

A surge in bioroid suicides has caused a stir throughout Olympus. Deunan steps in to investigate this mysterious situation.

1x4 – The Cattle of Geryon

A Kottos robot on the police force malfunctions in an unexpected way after meeting a little girl.

1x5 – The Cretan Bull

While on a security assignment, members of ES.W.A.T. are infected by something that causes madness and tremendous bloodlust. Not even Deunan is immune to its effects...

1x6 – The Erymanthian Boar

Deunan embarks on a solo mission to infiltrate the Argonauts and learn more about an enormous and extremely high-tech Landmate.

1x7 – The Stymphalean Birds

As the Stymphalean Landmate approaches Olympus with a nuclear warhead, Briareos and ES.W.A.T. rush to diffuse the situation.

1x8 – The Mares of Diomedes

Deunan is assigned to provide security to a Poseidon ambassador of goodwill aboard a submarine. But things go awry when the submarine malfunctions and other passengers begin to die mysteriously.

1x9 – The Girdle of Hippolyta

A goodwill ambassador arrives from Poseidon... except she looks and sounds exactly like Deia, who should be dead.

1x10 – The Lernaean Hydra

Deunan and Briareos are assigned to protect a bioroid sculptor from Deia, who is bent on killing a specific group of bioroids.

1x11 – The Apples of Hesperides

ES.W.A.T. is dispatched to the Argonaut to provide security for the final bioroid on Deia's hit list. Little does anyone know that Deia has already made the first move...

1x12 – The Capture of Cerberus

Deunan and Briareos face off with Deia in a final battle.

Mdruund3zzjmhlqxcstd61ahkmn 1x13 – Paradeisos

Some time after the Deia incident, ES.W.A.T. is called in to supervise a diagnostic check of the Gaia Computer's systems. Soon after, unmanned Landmates and Auto Insectors start to malfunction...

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