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Fe0tcixc8mvhlxziikbh373sxdp 1x1 – Catfish

Jack Griffin loses out on his dream job and becomes a high school teacher of Advanced Placement biology in his hometown of Toledo, Ohio.

E9cb5gcwquvautg0go5mwszpo7z 1x2 – Lehrerknast

Jack is put in "teacher jail" when he leaves his class unattended and one of his students gets injured.

V18v19awnbtsinlfpsagntym1uo 1x3 – Miles Vernichtung

While Principal Durbin struggles with budget cuts, Jack discovers his students pity him, so he rallies, making a splash at the school.

1mkqftxnsnbkpdcjetzmnstovsp 1x4 – Streberhafte Jungfrauen

When his favorite potato chips are removed from the snack machine, Jack starts a hangry snack war with the Student Council; Mary and Michelle try saying no to Stef's relentless side hustle - with mixed results.

Sfwts7ipgg1akv1ipllas56pait 1x5 – Ausgehen in Toledo

Jack reluctantly agrees to go out on the town with Mary, Stef and Michelle. However, his superiority complex proves difficult for the women of Toledo to overcome. Principal Durbin feels threatened when Helen fills in for him on the school's video morning announcements.

Z5eiezug4hlhcpxhguhqkcraeed 1x6 – Total verknallt

When Jack is attracted to a student's mother at a parent-teacher conference, he feigns interest in her son, Colin. A group of parents complain to Principal Durbin when they notice a piece of controversial student art from Mary's class.

Daj4o57o1p8ghhdsfqwskzoqomh 1x7 – Sich verkaufen

Jack receives an offer from Miles' publisher to write a book of feel-good philosophy that could be his ticket out of Toledo. Durbin accidentally sets off an emotional firestorm when he reveals that while Stef chose Mary as her emergency contact, Mary chose Michelle.

Dfyaxgttl0ih0mjn3l7bpi3s2bw 1x8 – Wir machen keine Party

When Victor's parents go out of town, Jack uses their house to host his ex-girlfriend's fund-raising gala.

Pi5bocxsu55lgnfunywdutkyf7n 1x9 – Rosemary's Freund

When Jack learns that his dead mother had a lover named Brandon, Jack becomes furious and sets out to destroy the old man.

Rd8f6e0tczcz2ktro9oo9khncwc 1x10 – Durbins Absturz

Jack takes in Principal Durbin after giving him marriage advice that backfires and gets him kicked out of the house; Jack's students try to help him get revenge against Miles.

7rdmwilo4j3hdj8ujpleio4rflx 1x11 – Acht Schweine und eine Ratte

When one of Jack's students anonymously reports him for canceling their much anticipated fetal pig dissection, he sets out to find the snitch. Durbin's chances at Principal of the Year are in jeopardy when the superintendent visits.

Z65mm7jmsrw856uktqrythnhwdc 1x12 – Ein Sohn für Miles

Jack convinces Miles that Devin is his illegitimate son; Durbin, Mary, Stef and Michelle disagree on the theme for the Sadie Hawkins dance.

Znzpf0lllplwvbugdvayon24sw5 1x13 – Dallas tränken

Jack takes interest in a mission of revenge on behalf of the A.P. Bio kids; Mary, Stef and Michelle think there's an otherworldly presence at Whitlock.

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