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8omfn2gyzaaiiqiect3bnot76kg 1x1 – Episode 1

Over the last century at least four thousand four hundred people who vanished without a trace off the face of the planet. Last night they were all returned to Detroit having not aged a day and with no memory of what happened to them.

3esvhgauxbybh0cbw0ettimlw1k 1x2 – Episode 2

As the 4400 become even more disenchanted with their accommodations, new rules have everyone on edge. Andre and LaDonna help Claudette push her new-found ability to new limits. Keisha and Jharrell explore a way to ease the tension for a small group of the returned and Shanice gets an unexpected visitor. Meanwhile, Rev begins to believe he may be part of a higher calling, but what will that mean for the rest of the 4400?

Hr0wv7ozzilshscy7l6qcbrse4t 1x3 – Episode 3

LaDonna signs up for fifteen more minutes of fame but quickly realizes she doesn't have the clout she once had, meanwhile Shanice takes a step towards repairing her relationship with her daughter.

25ff4wuydaf5spcjszdy2uunyng 1x4 – Episode 4

Finally there is some good news for a few of the 4400. Andre looks to study some of his new friends but mistakes from his past begin to affect him in present day. Rev finds some information about his son.

Xfyrqj7wbhbqxqvz0j5hiclvdvp 1x5 – Episode 5

Keisha hears the truth about the day she lost her sister, moving her to take a chance. Shanice and Andre enjoy a day out, meanwhile, Hayden and Mariah grow closer.

Askflud4yobsoje9pcmazdat2xd 1x6 – Episode 6

Jharrel and Keisha must earn the trust of the 4400 if they truly want to help keep them safe. Hayden convinces LaDonna and Andre to visit Ypsi Med and Rev continues to grow his flock.

7klqdv7rxn6klw0suc3moo0hflh 1x7 – Episode 7

I'VE GOT YOUR BACK - Claudette begins to assert her independence, while Rev keeps his flock close, further raising Jharrel's suspicions. Meanwhile, LaDonna considers her next move, Keisha has a date with Jessica, and Andre is concerned by his latest discovery.

Fk7nkqf9vzzskurtqpno0thh1hh 1x8 – Episode 8

Logan's adjustment to Shanice's return has been harder than he let on, meanwhile, Rev is beginning to see the light. Mildred lets her emotions get the better of her, possibly endangering the rest of the 4400.

Slc4lm5ebtpranhdwus9nzwvp6r 1x9 – Episode 9

Everyone is still reeling after Mildred's on camera performance. The government tries to figure out their next move. Rev is confused by his new ability, Jharrel get some unexpected news, and no one seems to know Ladonna's whereabouts.

Ksqiik3p1rwrtdfxxxxcre3rcdd 1x10 – Episode 10

With everyone at the Bois Blanc still on edge, the government deals another blow to the 4400. Meanwhile, Jharrel gets some shocking information about his brother, Shanice and Andre continue to grow closer, and Mildred resurfaces.

77fvir2mohtwopp1edzcyua9hp9 1x11 – Episode 11

Shanice prepares the Bois Blanc for a celebration while others are preparing for war. LaDonna returns to the hotel. Hayden realizes the comfort of Kaminsky home may not be what is safest. Jharrell reunites with his brother.

Mc57od56zcjutilyx8wikjtxrse 1x12 – Episode 12

Logan is the only witness to a savage crime. Claudette stands up to a group of anti-4400's. Mildred rallies the troops when she fears Milicent might be in trouble and we get a glimpse into the sisters' lives growing up.

1x13 – Episode 13

Tensions rise as an attack is made on Bois Blanc. Shanice and Logan do their best to keep Hayden safe, while Claudette and Jharrell try to reason with Manny. Mildred still believes her sister can be saved, and LaDonna takes to the streets.

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