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Max Fleischer

Regie geführt bei

1948 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
1924 The Cartoon Factory
1923 Evolution
1920 The Ouija Board
1919 The Tantalizing Fly

Drehbuchautor bei

1939 Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp
1938 Goonland
1938 Out of the Inkwell
1937 Popeye The Sailor Meets Ali Baba's Forty Thieves
1935 Musical Memories
1935 The Kids in the Shoe
1934 Betty in Blunderland
1934 When My Ship Comes In
1934 Keep in Style
1934 The Dance Contest
1934 The Two-Alarm Fire
1934 We Aim to Please
1934 Little Dutch Mill
1934 Red Hot Mamma
1934 She Reminds Me of You
1934 Sock-a-Bye, Baby
1934 Let's You and Him Fight
1934 Let's Sing with Popeye
1934 Betty Boop's Prize Show
1934 The Man on the Flying Trapeze
1934 This Little Piggie Went to Market
1934 Axe Me Another
1934 A Dream Walking
1934 Shiver Me Timbers!
1934 Ha! Ha! Ha!
1934 She Wronged Him Right
1934 Poor Cinderella
1934 Betty Boop's Little Pal
1934 Betty Boop's Rise to Fame
1934 Betty Boop's Life Guard
1934 There's Something About a Soldier
1934 Shoein' Hosses
1933 The Old Man of the Mountain
1933 Mother Goose Land
1933 I Eats My Spinach
1933 I Yam What I Yam
1933 Popeye the Sailor
1933 Stoopnocracy
1932 Betty Boop for President
1932 Betty Boop's Museum
1931 Tree Saps
1931 Jack and the Beanstalk
1931 Teacher's Pest
1931 Dizzy Red Riding Hood
1931 Bimbo's Initiation
1930 La paloma
1930 A Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight
1930 Dizzy Dishes
1930 In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree
1930 The Prisoner's Song
1930 My Gal Sal
1930 Radio Riot
1930 Mariutch
1930 The Grand Uproar
1930 Hot Dog
1930 Up to Mars
1930 Barnacle Bill
1930 Wise Flies
1930 Fire Bugs
1930 Come Take a Trip in My Airship
1930 Yes! We Have No Bananas
1930 I'm Afraid to Come Home in the Dark
1930 In the Good Old Summertime
1930 Mysterious Mose
1930 Swing You Sinners!
1928 Ko-Ko's Earth Control
1924 Trip to Mars
1924 The Cartoon Factory
1923 False Alarm
1923 Trapped
1923 The Einstein Theory of Relativity
1923 Bed Time
1922 Bubbles
1922 Jumping Beans
1921 Invisible Ink
1921 Modeling
1920 The Clown's Little Brother
1920 The Chinaman
1920 The Ouija Board
1919 The Tantalizing Fly
Little Annie Rooney
That Old Gang of Mine
Silly Scandals
The Bum Bandit
Betty Co-ed
Bimbo's Express
Morning, Noon and Night
Betty Boop's May Party
Ain't She Sweet
Betty Boop's Crazy Inventions
Betty Boop's Ker-Choo
Kitty from Kansas City
Is My Palm Read
Any Little Girl That's a Nice Little Girl
Popular Melodies
I Heard
I Ain't Got Nobody
Crazy Town
The Male Man
Betty Boop's Birthday Party
Let Me Call You Sweetheart
A Hunting We Will Go
Betty Boop's Ups and Downs
Betty Boop, M.D.
I'd Climb the Highest Mountain
Twenty Legs Under the Sea
In My Merry Oldsmobile
Wild Elephinks
Seasin's Greetinks!
Blow Me Down!
Betty Boop's Big Boss
Stopping the Show
The Betty Boop Limited
Rudy Vallee Melodies
Time on My Hands
Just a Gigolo
You Try Somebody Else
The Robot
Betty Boop's Bizzy Bee
I'll Be Glad When You're Dead You Rascal You
Admission Free
The Dancing Fool
Any Rags
Oh! How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning

mitgespielt in

1934 Betty Boop's Rise to Fame
1924 Trip to Mars
1922 Bubbles
1921 Modeling
1919 The Tantalizing Fly