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1x1 – January

The episode where they all meet up then go away in pairs to talk about what they will be doing this year.

1x2 – February

The episode where they all go on dates with each other. This one's set on Valentine's Day.

1x3 – March

The episode where Arnab changes the rules of the 15th Annual April Fools Day Eve Easter Egg Hunt.

1x4 – April

The episode where they play 'Mind Your Feet Guv'nor Shakespeare's Spilt The Tea'.

1x5 – May

The episode where Liam and Ellie get married and there's a bit where they're all standing on the steps throwing confetti.

1x6 – June

The episode where they go to Stonehenge for Al's Pagan Death Ritual and Jamie is in Malaysia.

1x7 – July

The episode where Al is in a coma then we see Tash's inside dream then she's in a coma as well.

1x8 – August

Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot.

1x9 – September

The episode where it's a back to school themed party and there are eggs everywhere.

1x10 – October

The episode where it's 1921 then it's 2016 and it's Halloween.

1x11 – November

The episode where it's happy Thanksgiving and somebody's spiked the yams..

1x12 – December

The episode where it's the last one and there's a lot of singing and stuff about ghosts.

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