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79vqp55hzqyvaiosmqy913f31wh 1x1 – Hidden Depths

A handsome young man, a coquettish student teacher, nothing in common between them - except that both were murdered and left with their bodies meticulously posed.

6bkm1pobnqtbat6qhndcbgwoq9l 1x2 – Telling Tales

Vera must put together the pieces of a 11-year-old murder and stop a ruthless killer before he or she strikes again.

7baypjkl5r5ckmlox3pwwya3ndx 1x3 – The Crow Trap

As groundbreaking begins on a rock quarry in the moorlands, a local woman who had opposed the construction is found murdered.

Wnpmsriu87abwavxjr7ofkrl0zi 1x4 – Little Lazarus

Vera finds herself acting as caretaker for a boy whose mother was murdered in front of his eyes.

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