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15x1 – Die Reisen des Herrn Stuckenthaler

Apprentice Yannik Rösner and supervising employee Karsten Kleinert discover in the stock shed the skull-smashed corpse of boss Stefan Stuckenthaler, who returned unexpectedly from his many Alpine prospecting trips to select perfect trees to cut up into perfect wood for musical instrument builders. His will splits the firm equally between wife Theresa and his equally unwitting other steady lover, Michaela Hellwig, who lives in nearby Kufstein. Theresa had an affair with Karsten, who also knew about a major client complaining recently about business fraud.

15x2 – Der große Unbekannte

Innkeeper Sebastian Krillmeyer, who was playing the lead in his establishment's annual peasant theater performance, is fatally stabbed during the chaotic dress rehearsal, with a fake prop knife. His cousin Sandra Krillmeyer, who wasn't rewarded in the testament of his father after nursing him for months, now may inherit all from him, and is dating controller Felix Seitz alias site alias 'Falcke 01'. Sandra has an alibi, like play director Georg Lentz, who had another bone to pick. Hansen and Stadler also consider Sebastian's girl friend Rosalie Nützl, whom he cheated ...

15x3 – Der letzte Pfusch

Wilfried Haselbeck fell to his death from his sabotaged home balcony balustrade. Prime suspects are two handyman whose firms ail since his guide for Chiemgau rated them utterly incompetent, which they deny : sun screen installer Siegmund Reuter, and historical balcony restorer Stefanie Gundel, whom he repeatedly refused to pay for that very, allegedly shoddy balcony. The cops consult his former colleague, Alois Dumberger, who runs the competent commerce chamber, but fails to come clean about recent contacts and payments. Occupied elsewhere, chief Achtziger delegates ...

15x4 – Tod eines Engels

The precinct is surprised at the return of Sebastian König, who opted against his job in larger Nurnberg or the one his uncle prepared in state capital Munich in favor of Rosenheim. Grown more assertive, he impresses even Anton Stadler, whose turn it is to get left behind and guessing. Their first case is the murder of attorney Lydia Kühn, overrun by a car. *. It belongs to Max Haimhauser, a contractor who claims it carjacked unnoticed, with the number plates removed. Lydia's brother in law, senior car mechanic Josef Längerer, hated her major influence on his wife ...

15x5 – Der falsche Kaiser

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Kaiser's corpse is found in the farmhouse he was to buy trough real estate agent Gerhard Hanslein from farmer Rainer Kastner by them together. Sebastian and Anton separately fund out he was dating precinct accountant Patrizia Ortmann's mother Gerlinde, who knew he changed his name from Roland Kerner being an accomplished marriage swindler, believing he was giving that up for her. The fat cash down payment was stolen. Stadler and König also consider marriage swindle victims like Herbert Günzel and dodgy dating agency manager Konrad Menge.

15x6 – Der Tod des Grafen

Notary Dr. Matthias Graf is found by wife Katharina Graf and assessor (deputy) Gernot Weiss in his office, skull fatally smashed with a Justice statue. His last, missed appointment the evening before was with foxy Marion Süßmayr, the wealthy local partner of former precinct interim Dirk Bergmann, who wanted to buy Graf's grand villa at Chiemsee. Gernot Weiss seems to lack both alibi and motive, as he aspired succeeding but has no written proof. Widow Graf -a former employee, still 'employed' to lure clients- now inherits everything, would have gone empty in case of an...

15x7 – Ein geschätzter Schätzer

Reputed musical instruments dealer Martin Traunstein's right hand Nelly Bläule was finished by a blow against the stairs after a fall down the staircase in the home of businessman and major client Bernhard Kämmerer, from which dodgy ex-con counterfeiter Roman Westhoff tried to leave unseen. One of two violins Kämmerer bought from Traunstein, who invests in them as collateral for bank loans, proves a fake Stradivarius. Traunstein's back-office assistant and recently dumped lover, Krista Matthis, hoped for Nelly's job. Traunstein denies having known about Nelly's ...

15x8 – Der letzte Tango

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15x9 – Vertrauen ist gut, Kontrolle ist besser

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15x10 – Der Weihnachtsmann ist tot

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15x11 – Wahlkampf in Ganting

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15x12 – Der Letzte macht das Licht aus

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15x13 – Tod am Schlagbaum

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15x14 – Konkurrenz erlegt das Geschäft

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15x15 – Das süße Erbe

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15x16 – Ein letztes Bier

Brewery owner Alfred Lockner's corpse is found by daughter and deputy Mareike, who unlike him wanted to modernize by designing original tastes. Her co-heir bother Timm already sold his share of late mother's half to regional big standard brewer Rolf Kuhlmey. Alfred's unfair supply contract provides local publican Charly Roth; who found him with Mareike, another motive. Constable Miki meanwhile won a trip to the Maledives in an Internet competition, just the type of potential scam HQ is campaigning against.

15x17 – Ein Smoking zum Sterben

Bottle machines firm CEO Dr. Christian Schneiderhahn's skull is fatally smashed with a missing hammer in the villa he was buying from the heirs trough Korbinan's friend attorney Rainer Fischbach, none of his valuables at hand was stolen, but the home inventory yields a crucial surprise. Neighbour and unhappy employee Winfried Scheuner's wife Nicolette was assisting Christian comparing real estates, and started another (not so) secret affair.

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15x18 – Tödliche Versuchung

Celebrity TV and Munich restaurant chef Jens Voigt is found poisoned by complimentary praline in the villa hired for a photo-shoot starring him by his endorsement sponsor, Leopold Thelen's mineral water. The team looks into the caterer, the photographers Mike and Sophie Brunner, who has access to him and chocolates while she had an affair with Jens, his surprisingly unhealthy, yet boosted finances, and even his manager, Hansens' 10 years ago Hamburg fiancee Esther Wilke. Meanwhile free tickets for a visiting London director's (not so) classical concert stir the ...

15x19 – Auch Überflieger stürzen ab

Local youngster Hans Plattner's corpse is found by a jogger in a pool, drowned, at first sight accidentally but he was dragged there after a fall that left him merely unconscious. He was partaking in a local brewery's treasure search, and brilliantly wrote short stories. His home is broken into, searching for cash. His arrogance tumultuous love-life provide additional suspects on top of actually two competitions. Meanwhile handsome Andreas Lorenz makes a painfully spectacular, yet charming entrance, only his stickler predecessor works him in most unpleasantly.

15x20 – Ein Koffer kommt selten allein

Local supermarket detective Otto Beck is found, fatally hit. Hansen's team checks out the staff, which he was secretly spying on by video camera, elaborating on a secret order by the manager, and thus found out about a secret affair between a couple he blackmailed. Max also finds a pile of suitcases from various owners in Beck's home.

15x21 – Höhenflug kommt vor dem Fall

Wolfgang Goetz's firm's chief aerodynamic designer Florian Riedinger dies from a fall while flying a para-glider he developed with Holger Weigel, which was sabotaged by line cutting in the workshop. The designers were secretly planning to leave and set up a rival company. Florian also had an affair with Jesscia, the wife of local prime customer Tobias Hanisch. Meanwhile Andi failed to follow procedure to take a day off due to perfect surfing weather, just now HQ stickler Felix Seitz drops unannounced for 'suggestions' about his accounting.

15x22 – Der falsche Mann

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15x23 – Kampf um die Krone

Just before the local beer queen pageant, finalist Natalie Prast, a gossip columnist, is found skull smashed, with illegal drugs but clean. Prime suspects are the most fanatical rival, and the organizers, a former drug trade convict and local brewer Martin Kerscher, possible motives include blackmail. 'Fake' culture attache Rupert Wagner meanwhile dates the competitor from the administrative precinct staff.

15x24 – Bergab in den Tod

Julius Dallinger is found dead, apparently from a bike fall in the forest, in fact staged and sabotaged. He was visiting his home town, where hired, over-paid manager Gustl runs his family's furniture company, while he makes a living in the US downhill mountain-biking circuit. The cops team considers possible motives and suspects related to the furniture inheritance, fraud, competitive rivalry, infidelity and the victim's Californian wife.

15x25 – Tödliche Laster

Local trucker Mark Fuchs's corpse is found by foresters, behind the wheel in the forest, skull smashed, a failed staged accident due to an empty fuel tank. The shipping company's owner, with criminal record, and his son Thomas, now manager, pretend he returned empty from a car parts delivery to Italy. Widow Fuchs hides her recent affair, a forester his part in a long-term contraband plot. Meanwhile junior Andreas 'Andi' Lorenz's creative accounting saves the boss's beloved music academy from a tax office stickler.

15x26 – Die Rosenkrieger

Rich, semi-retired divorce lawyer Reiter's skull-smashed corpse is found at home by detached wife and heiress Elisabeth, whose own business is in trouble. His current client Ulrich Stegmüller was furious about an unfavorable court ruling they were appealing against, but it has twists for and involving his ex-to-be Sonja. Meanwhile publican Jo unwittingly sets up incumbent Sven against newcomer Anton, who both want the same boathouse.

15x27 – Eine Überraschung für Hansen

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15x28 – Tod im Schokoladenladen

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15x29 – Tod in Nachbars Garten

Local horticultural jury chairman president Paul Hieber's corpse is found in the prize dahlia border of Xaver Lippig, for years the bitter rival of neighbor Simon Mörtlbauer. The murder weapon is an expensive spade. In Hansen's absence, predecessor Tobias Hartl takes charge again. The competition provides possible motives, but also personal circumstances.

15x30 – Die Biber kommen

Animal conservationist Stefan Schönewald is killed in a wild river, due to his sabotaged kayak paddle, while observing beavers. Tobias Hartl and Danner look into the neighboring fruit growers, whose harvests are threatened by beaver lakes, notable Sepp Langenbach; Stefan's heiress girlfriend Giselle Marquard, whose father payed their bills, and environment official Julia Ried, who was his ex and ally in beaver conservation, and discover some surprising reports between he above, yielding potential motives.

15x31 – Die Zenzi ist tot

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